My Top 10 Anticipated Films of 2013

I know March is a weird time to create this list, but I haven’t seen any 2013 films yet, so I figured the topic was still relevant for now. Here are the top 10 films I’m anticipating this year (plus a few honorable mentions at the end of the post) and why.

#10: Olympus Has Fallen

So when I first saw the trailer for this, I thought it looked like an interesting story. Now I have found out that a very similar-sounding movie is coming out later this year called White House Down. I kind of hate that that happened, but I would still prefer to see this one, since it is Channing-Tatum-free.

#9: Now You See Me

I just found out about this movie while I was looking through IMDB’s list of movies coming out this year. It sounded interesting so I watched the trailer, and it looks really interesting too. The cast seems like a strange mix of people, but I am hoping it will be good.

#8: Man of Steel


I’m not into Superman AT ALL, but it’s produced by Christopher Nolan (which is obviously not as good as being written/directed by him…) and it doesn’t look bad. And I want to see Amy Adams as Lois Lane. I’m hoping it will be a nice film that helps us all forget about Superman Returns.

#7: Monsters Univsersity

I was not happy when I heard about a second Monsters, Inc. movie. I love Monsters, Inc. and wanted it to remain “pure” in essence. What else could possibly be done with the story? But after seeing the trailer, I have to admit this prequel idea looks pretty cute.

#6: Thor: The Dark World


Loki is an interesting villain, and I look forward to seeing the brothers square off again. Also, Darcy’s coming back, and she makes me laugh. 🙂

#5: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


I enjoyed the first Hobbit movie and am looking forward to seeing the second installment of the series. I just hope that, as the middle movie, this doesn’t suffer from some severe drawing out of the plot (because the first one was a little bit of a stretch as it was).

#4: Iron Man 3

Tony’s got a good girl, he’s cheated death, and saved the world a few times, but people still want to mess with him. But with Rhodey’s help, he’s going to kick their butts. It ought to be fun!

#3: Star Trek: Into Darkness


I am giving J.J. Abrams the benefit of the doubt that this movie might be as good as this looks. As a Trekkie, I have to explain, that I really do enjoy Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek as a movie, but I really hate what it did to the canon of Star Trek. Yeah, it’s another timeline, but he blows up important planets! Into Darkness, though it’s still following this ridiculous timeline, does look really good, and I hope it is.

#2: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


I’m excited that there is a new director the second installment of The Hunger Games. Gary Ross did a good job creating the world and I liked some of the creative choices he made, but I think he dropped the ball in a couple of areas, especially in his belief (which I saw him have interview after interview) that he created a perfect movie and left nothing important out and didn’t need to release any deleted scenes on the DVD/Blu Ray. Uh, really dude? I’m hoping Francis Lawrence moves forward with Gary’s vision but expands upon it and does an even better job of capturing the spirit of the story (and more Katniss and Peeta please? I know it’s the point but you know, come on, we need it before Mockingjay when all falls to heck).

#1: Oblivion

I’m really excited about Oblivion, because it looks really, really good, and I sure hope it delivers. The world evacuated of humans after war with aliens? Hidden secrets underneath the surface? Being lied to by your employer about what you’re doing on Earth? I’m intrigued.

There are some other 2013 movies that I have some interest in, but I might want to learn more about them before I rush to see them…

I’m sure Despicable Me 2 will probably be cute and fun, but like Monsters, Inc., did Despicable Me really need a sequel?

The Lone Ranger has caught my attention since I first heard about it. In one of my history classes in junior high, in class we did acted out a radio show of The Lone Ranger and I really enjoyed the experience, so I have fond memories of it. It looks sort of interesting, but I would like to hear what other people say about it before I see it.

The Great Gatsby looks intriguing, but I’m actually not that familiar with the story, so I’m not sure if I would like it or not. Again, we’ll see.

My husband will undoubtedly will want to see The Wolverine, so I’m hoping it will be good. I actually like the other Wolverine movie better than most people (though not as much as my husband liked it), but I honestly had not been too crazy about any of the X-Men movie until First Class came out.

Since I plan to read Ender’s Game soon, I’m hoping the movie will interest me after reading the book.

So… what movies of 2013 are you anticipating?

8 Responses to My Top 10 Anticipated Films of 2013

  1. Excited about superman and also hunger games.. But most of them on the list look good!! Drive in movie time!! Hopefully I can find a drive in in Memphis! 🙂

  2. Here’s mine

    10. Oblivion
    9. Jack Ryan
    8. Catching Fire (ask me on any given day and it could shift up a couple of slots purely on the strength of Jennifer Lawrence)
    7. Fast and Furious 6
    6. The Hobbit
    5. Man of Steel
    4. Thor 2
    3. Iron Man 3
    2. Ender’s Game (been waiting on it far too long for it too not be this far up …)
    1. Star Trek Into Darkness

    Strong honorable mentions to Despicable Me 2, Monsters University, and Olympus has fallen. Also potentially interested in The Wolverine, Pacific Rim, The Great Gatsby, and Lone Ranger.

    • I had to look up Jack Ryan because I wasn’t aware of it (the movie, I know who the character is), but it sounds good! Have you read Ender’s Game?

      • I think I’ve read Ender’s Game nearly two dozen times. I’ve actually read the entire series, but the first (and a later parallel, Ender’s Shadow) is one of my all-time favorites, though the others were all between “hey, not bad” and truly awesome.

      • Well since you’re such a big fan I hope I’ll enjoy it as well! I finally ordered it from Amazon this afternoon… just have to finish up another book first.

      • Be prepared, though, there is a pretty fair amount of language. No real sexual content beyond the odd innuendo or “non sexual nudity” references. No spoilers really involved there, just thought it was a fair warning for someone of your general entertainment preferences.

      • Thanks for letting me know; I really wouldn’t have expected the language since the story involves young kids and seems to be geared towards younger teenagers.

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