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I’ve been a little upset with Pixar lately, between their run of sequels and the strange movie Brave, and have been impressed while their competition Dreamworks really stepped up their game with How To Train Your Dragon. Well, I finally saw Monsters  University over the weekend, and while a prequel, it finally felt like a step in the right direction – back to Pixar’s glory days.

I plan to keep this review short. The movie is a prequel to my personal favorite Pixar movie, Monsters, Inc., which I loved so much because of its unique story and fun characters. So for me, the idea of giving this movie its own prequel could either be a total disaster or a fun ride, and thankfully it was the latter! As usual, Pixar paid close attention to every detail, and you can see it in every scene of the movie. The various monster characters are all one of a kind, each complete with their own personality. And not only did we get to see how much Mike and Sully did not get along when they first met, but we also learn that Randall was actually a nice guy at one time! Before Nathan Fillion Johnny Worthington’s fraternity Roar Omega Roar got the better of him.

I also loved the messages in the movie. Mike works extremely hard to be the best scarer ever, as it’s all he’s wanted since he was a little monster. But he learns that he’s actually not all that scary. However, that doesn’t mean he’s worthless. He’s great at training others how to scare, and is hard worker, and these things will help him in his future career. But of course, while in the middle of everything he is going through, it’s hard for him to see.

Working hard pays off, and so does pursuing your dream, but sadly, we all cannot do exactly as we dream to do, but we can do something else, something we may realize is even better for us.

I give Monsters University four stars for delivering a fun time, a good message, great characters new and old, and for not ruining Monsters, Inc. It’s not quite among my elite favorites, but I’ll definitely be adding the movie to my Pixar film collection.


Have you seen Monsters University? What were your thoughts? And what’s your favorite Pixar film?

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    • I’ve given every movie I’ve seen this summer 4 stars so far, but MU did have less plot holes than some of the other summer movies I’ve seen! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I love Pixar’s style of movies so so so much. I loved it so much at one point I was considering going to school to learn how to do it. (I opted to go for game design instead, not that I went anywhere with that either haha.)

    I also really loved Monsters, Inc.! Boo and Sully together was just the cutest thing EVER. I definitely want to see this. I’m so out of the movie loop I didn’t even know a prequel existed until now. 😡

    • I went to school for TV production (which I totally don’t do at all now), but I really wanted to do film. Without moving to California. Don’t ask how I thought this was going to work, as I was 18 at the time. Anyhow, yes, sometimes I wish I could have gone to work for Pixar! I think they must have so much fun creating their movies! Hope you can check this one out soon!

      • Oh I had no idea! No wonder you review movies so often. ^_^ Yeah it’s tough to get into film without spending at least part of your year in California, from what I hear. I never wanted to move too far away from home for my career of choice either. (Luckily I don’t really have to.)

        Working for Pixar seems like it would be a dream job as long as you have that beginning skill set to where making all the pretty graphics isn’t frustrating. I love the clean and whimsical look they give to everything they touch.

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