Little Women: An Awesome Coming of Age Adaptation

Awesome Adaptations is hosted by Picture Me Reading, and is a focus on book-to-movie adaptations that we think are awesome! Today’s topic is an awesome coming-of-age adaptation.
book-movie-littleI think Little Women is all about coming of age. It focuses mostly on Jo, but also on her three sisters, from their youth to their early adult years as they go through separation from their father, simple Christmases, sickness, suitors, adventures, and tragedy. Through it all, I think Louisa May Alcott really captured the spirit of growing up quite well. I love that in the end, Jo writes her and her sisters’ story after a tragedy stirs her heart of Professor Bhaer’s words to write from her heart. I think it’s important advice for all writers to heed.

Here’s a scene from the movie that breaks my heart every time I watch it or read it in the book, but I think is a critical turning point for Jo in the story:

What scene from Little Women (book or movie) stands out to you? Or what do you think is an awesome coming-of-age adaptation? 

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  1. Is it sad that I haven’t read the book OR seen the movie? I mean, I feel like I must have had SOME exposure to this story when I was younger, but I really can’t recall it at all. One of these days I’ll have to fix that.

  2. I’ve not read the book, and I’ve actually rewatched this recently. I had forgotten that Christian Bale had played Laurie, and that was partly the reason I had watch it again. So I definitely remember that scene.

  3. Love the book (or I should say books, I enjoyed Good Wives and Little Men just as much) and the movie. Winona IS Jo, she portrays her perfectly. The scene that kills me every time is what happened Beth.

  4. This is for real my favorite movie ever, and I have always identified with Jo. I have a love/hate relationship with that scene as well. I so want her to be with Teddy, but at the same time, I know he’s ultimately not right for her (in a romantic way). They make great best friends.

    • I’ve always identified with Jo as well! And ugh, yes, I’m always like, “Choose Laurie! Choose Laurie!” But then when I see her with Professor Bhaer I know they are probably a better match but dang… it’s heartbreaking, because I seriously love me some Laurie.

  5. I LOVE that good! Are you on team Laurie or Prof. Bhaer..I know a lot of people think she should have gone for Laurie but I agree they wouldn’t have been happy together!

    • I’m conflicted! Every time I watch the movie, at this scene I want it to change to where she will choose Laurie, but then by the end I’m always thinking maybe it is best for her to be with Prof. Bhaer, but it is brutally hard for me. I just adore Laurie.

  6. Ah, this story. I’ve never read the book, but always enjoyed the movie. Except for Amy. HATE AMY. You see, I always wanted Jo and Laurie to be together, but I know deep down that it wasn’t right and that the prof. might be a good pick. But he’s so old! And was it really necessary for Amy and Laurie together? Love this post, makes me want to watch it again 🙂

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