The Top 10 TV Character Names I Came to Love

Last week for Top Ten Tuesday I explored the Top 10 Book Character Names I Came to Love. Because I enjoyed creating the list so much, I decided to do it again for TV characters!

1. Peter, Fringe

peter-fringeBecause it’s similar to Peeta, but more legit? Or because of Joshua Jackson’s portrayal of his character Peter on Fringe? All of the above.

2. Olivia, Fringe

olivia-fringeOlivia is a nice classic and feminine name, but I used to think it sounded a little old. It has seemed to gain some popularity lately though, and Olivia from Fringe really made me appreciate it more.

3. Lincoln, Fringe

lincoln-lee2I was already kind of liking the name Lincoln, and even came up with the name for a character in a story. I also had a friend name her son Lincoln (and he’s totally adorable). Then Lincoln Lee came along on Fringe and made me like it more! I like that it’s unique without being strange.

4. Julian, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

bashirIs Julian a girly name for a guy? I don’t know, I can’t decide! But I love Dr. Bashir and he kind of made me like the name Julian.

5. Tucker (from Charles “Trip” Tucker), Star Trek: Enterprise

tripTrip Tucker is my favorite character from Enterprise – a Southern(ish) boy with a lot of personality. I think his last name works well as a first name.

6. Jadzia, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

jadzia2No, I would not name my child Jadzia. But I really want someone else to, and I will give them much kudos. It’s just a fun name for a fun character.

7. Kate, Castle

kate-beckettFor some reason, I don’t really care for nicknames. Maybe it’s because the name Amy isn’t conducive for nicknames, who knows. I’ve always liked the name Kathryn, which is Kate’s actual name, but Kate made me like Kate.

8. Ryan (from Kevin Ryan), Castle

ryanWait, this was on your list last week! Wait! You said you already loved the name Ryan! All true, but it’s my list, so I do what I want to. Besides, Ryan’s a fun character.

9. Kaylee, Firefly

kayleeI already like the named Kaylee pretty well before watching Firefly, but Kaylee from Firefly just made me love it more.

10. Jayne (but NOT for a guy), Firefly

Jayne_With_HatBetween Jane Austen stories and Firefly, I came to appreciate the “plain” name Jane more, particularly with the spelling Jayne. But Jayne in Firefly is a bitter guy, and I definitely would not do that to my son.

What about you? What are your favorite TV character names?

18 Responses to The Top 10 TV Character Names I Came to Love

  1. Firefly definitely got the name Kaylee to grow on me! I always felt it was a bit too girly for my tastes, but I adore that character so much, that I really started liking it more because of her. And LOL at Jayne… Honestly, it took me almost to the end of the show to realize that that guy’s name was actually Jayne, lol.

  2. I like Jayne, but not for a I always laughed at how tough he is and his name is Jayne. I also like Kaylee as a name, but probably wouldn’t use it myself for one of my kids, especially not now with

    I do love the name Olivia though!

  3. Ooh, I think I know your favorite shows now! I love all the names you chose, especially Kaylee (I have two friends named that, just with different spellings!) and Jadzia. For me, two names that grew on me because of a show are Henrietta (Gunslinger Girl) and Doctor (Doctor Who). No, I would not name anyone Doctor, but just imagine how cool it would be if you knew someone named/called that! You would be able to say “hello, Doctor” without getting weird looks!

    • Ha ha, thinking of calling someone Doctor makes me think of The Doctor on Voyager, because that’s what they call him! And yes, now you do know my favorite TV shows! There are a few more I would classify as favorites, but let’s be honest, these are the top ones.

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