Little Women Dreamcast

Guys! Guyssssssssss!!!!!!!!! They’re doing another adaptation of Little Women! Squeeeeee!!!!

*Contains self*

I’m a big fan of Little Women, and though I simply love the 1994 version and Christian Bale will always and forever be Laurie in my heart, I am still really excited about a newer adaptation! So long as it’s done well, of course! So of course, I have to dreamcast!

I decided I wanted to use actresses and actors who are actually relatively close in age to the characters, which is a little difficult because of the large span in time in the story, but I didn’t want to cast a 30 year old for a 15-20 year old girl. This means no Amanda Seyfried for Amy, or Mia Wasikowska for Beth, or Aaron Tveit for Laurie, though I think would all have been perfect just a few years ago!

Meg: Emma Watson

Emma-WatsonI think Emma Watson would do a great job of portraying the often prudent, but still learning and growing, Meg, the oldest of the March sisters. She chooses to marry a poor tutor because she knows the value of love over money, and patinetly waits a few years to do so.

Jo: Hailee Steinfield

hailee_steinfeld2Hailee Steinfiled has proven she can play with the boys in True Grit and Ender’s Game, and Jo’s a bit of a tomboy herself. Yet she is also full of love and creativity, and I can see Hailee bringing all these things to Jo’s character.

Beth: Abigail Breslin

abigail-breslinIn her brief scenes in Ender’s Game, Abigail Breslin displayed a kind and emotional character in Valentine, and through this performance I saw the potential for a Beth March. Beth is quiet and compassionate and helps temper Jo, and I believe Abigail could bring that balancing force for Hailee’s portrayal of Jo.

Young Amy: Sophie Nelisse/ Older Amy: Dakota Fanning

amySophie Nelisse is playing Liesel in The Book Thief, which I have not seen yet since it has not been released yet, but she really looks the part of Amy! Though Amy is a very different character from Liesel, more spoiled and vain, I would hope she could pull it off. Dakota Fanning also perfectly looks the part of an older Amy. I thought about doing an Elle/Dakota combo since they are sisters, but I felt Elle just wasn’t young enough. And of course, I think Dakota would do a great job with the role of older Amy.

Laurie: Logan Lerman

logan-lermanLogan Lerman is easily one of my favorite actors under 25. I’ve hardly seen anything he’s done, but I’ve seen him in trailers and I know he’s played a wide variety of characters. He’s just got the “boy next door” look, and Laurie literally is the boy next door for the March girls. As far as I know he and Hailee have never acted together, but I can imagine they would play well off each other. Oh, and Dakota of course. Unless, you know, we change the ending. 😉

What do you think? Who would you like to see as the March girls and Laurie? Any ideas for who you would like to see as the secondary characters?  

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  1. I am excited about a “Little Women” movie.
    I am oblivious to who almost any actress is… I live in a non-music/literary pop culture bubble. That being said, I like the looks of your proposed cast.

    • I know very little about who bands are too, but I generally have an idea of who actors and actresses are, even if I haven’t really seen them in anything. Glad to know someone else is excited about the movie!

  2. I kinda thought Beth was suppose to be waif like…at least that’s what I got from the 94 movie. Ooh..just switch Dakota and Abigail. Dakota is definitely waif-ish…or Elle Fanning…I think she is Beth’s age (which I don’t really know but I thought was about 14)

    • You do make a good point that Beth is probably supposed to be more frail, or at least by the end of the movie. Perhaps Dakota or Elle can color their hair to play Beth and the other could be older Amy.

  3. I wish I had more to say here, but I haven’t even read Little Women (I know, I’m a failure). I’m curious to see what becomes of the new adaptation, though. Maybe I’ll get off my duff and read the book before it comes out!

  4. Do we need a new movie? The old one nailed it! I love Winona as Jo and will find it hard to see anyone else in the role :O Emma as Meg is an interesting choice, I think that would work really well but I could actually see her playing Jo as well.

    • I thought of Emma as Jo, but I couldn’t think of someone else that I thought would nail Meg as well (within the age range I was thinking).

      As much as I adore the 1994 version (and I think Wionna Ryder and Christian Bale are both perfect in it!), with it being 20 years I wouldn’t mind a newer version. Some stories I love so much I enjoy seeing them reinterpreted in new ways. For instance, I own two different movie versions of Emma plus enjoy Emma Approved. If something’s well done, I don’t mind a new spin on something after a proper amount of time or in a completely new way.

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