The Top 10 Authors I Haven’t Read Yet

AKA, I promise I don’t hate male authors.

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s topic is Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read. There are a lot of authors who have received a lot of love, and I just haven’t gotten around to reading their work yet. And when I compiled my list I was floored by just how many of these authors were men, hence my subtitle. I really do read male authors as well, but apparently I have a lot more to read! This week’s list is in no particular order.

And BTW, I know many of you out there are super passionate about these authors and these works, which is why I want to read them. However, insisting I must read so-and-so RIGHT AWAY! will not change their placement on my TBR list. I’ll get to them when I get to them. I know they’re AMAZING but my TBR priorities are set in a way that works for me.

1. J.K. Rowling

author-rowlingYes, I know, it’s crazy. But I fully intend to read Harry Potter one day! Let’s move on…

2. Rick Riordan

author2-rickriordanThe Percy Jackson books aren’t super high on my list since they’re more middle grade , but people seem to really love the characters so I want to check the books out.

3. Brandon Sanderson

author3-sandersonEveryone seems to love Brandon Sanderson and I even listen to his sage writing advice on a podcast (called Writing Excuses, in case you’re interested), but I haven’t read him yet. Steelheart is patiently waiting in my Nook though, so it will be read sooner rather than later.

4. Neil Gaiman

author4-gaimanI don’t know which Gaiman book I’ll turn to first – it seems everyone has their own favorite. But I do intend to pick up one of them one day. I did see the episode of Babylon 5 he wrote called “Day of the Dead.” That counts for something, right?

5. Philip K. Dick

author5-philipkdickPhilip K. Dick is a highly revered science fiction author whose works have often been adapted into movies. I definitely want to read one (or more!) of his books!

6. Stephen King

author6-kingI’ve never had an interest in Stephen King because I don’t do scary, but at the very least, I would like to read his writing memoir. After all, he is a master of the craft.

7. Ally Carter

author7-allycarterI don’t know where my random interest in the Gallagher Girls series has come from, but they seem like light, fun reads I might enjoy, so I hope to dive into them sometime.

8. Scott Westerfield

author8-westerfieldScott Westerfield’s Uglies series has intrigued me for a while, and he has other books that sound interesting too. One day I’ll get around to reading them!

9. John Green

author9-johngreenI have a confession: I tried reading some John Green and deemed it not for me. It was a sampler of a few chapters of each of his books that I got for free. I will say that I am pretty much totally turned off from Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines, but I do want to give The Fault in our Stars a shot.

10. Patrick Ness

author10-nessThe covers of Patrick Ness’s books all look like they belong in the horror genre, but that does not appear to actually be the case, and everyone raves about them. So one day, I’ll be sure to check out one of his books for myself.

What popular author have you not read yet but intend to?

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  1. I love Rick Riordan’s books. While the Percy Jackson series is more middle grade, his other series The Heroes of Olympus is geared toward an audience that is a little older (but the catch is that there are a lot of the same characters). Even though the Percy Jackson books are MG, you may really enjoy them 🙂

    My TTT-

      • It might be. They talk about some things that happen in the Percy Jackson series, but honestly you might be able to get the synopsis and info online if you don’t mind spoiling the Percy Jackson series for yourself.

        I like Heroes of Olympus much more than Percy Jackson, so I highly recommend it.

  2. I love your initial qualifier that no one else’s enthusiasm is going to move these books on your to read pile 🙂

    I actually haven’t read any of these authors either (except Harry Potter. But I wouldn’t have gotten started with that if my sister had made me). Oh, wait and Neil Gaiman. I read American Gods and didn’t finish it. But I liked Stardust and The Graveyard Book quite a bit. Maybe kind of liked Stardust the movie better than the book but don’t tell 😉

    • Ha ha. It happens a lot, when someone demands you read their favorite author right away. I don’t have the time or money to invest into everyone’s favorite on the spot!

  3. J.K. Rowling! At least you’re planning on reading her books at some point. That’s the important part!
    I’ve ignored the Percy Jackson series for a long time, but I finally got the first book in the series a week or so ago, so I hope to read it sometime this month. I definitely want to give it a chance!
    I’ve only read two Neil Gaiman books, but I enjoyed them both. Out of the two I’ve read(American Gods & The Ocean at the End of the Lane), I’d definitely recommend Ocean at the End of the Lane. The entire book is just so atmospheric. It was SO well done.
    I’ve ignored Stephen King books as well because I don’t really like a ton of horror, but I decided to try his Dark Tower series because it’s fantasy(with horror elements I’m sure, but it’s not the focus). I read the first one recently & I liked it. I’ve also been really curious to read On Writing, though. I remember in high school we read a couple of excerpts from On Writing and I loved them all.
    Patrick Ness’ books are amazing! Definitely science fiction over horror(though some horrific things happen in the Chaos Walking trilogy, but pretty standard for science fiction). My favorite of his, though, is definitely A Monster Calls.

    • The story behind Gaiman writing Ocean at the End of the Lane and the way he described it was what first piqued my interest in him, I believe. Asti also made me interested in Coraline!

  4. Definitely read “On Writing” from Stephen King. I highly recommend it as a writer. The first half is about his life, which is fascinating, and the second half is about how to write better stories, which is invaluable. Stop the book you’re in the middle of reading if you have to, but read this book!

    Also I don’t know if you have Arthur C Clarke in your list on unread? Rendezvous with Rama I definitely recommend. Good relationships in the story.

    Goodreads | Rendezvous with Rama (Rama, #1) by Arthur C. Clarke — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

  5. I have to admit, I let out a gasp of shock when I saw J. K. Rowling at the top of the list! I guess I just assume everyone — especially those who regularly read YA — to have read the Harry Potter series, but I know that’s not true!

    I think your list is pretty relevant, though. I read Stephen King as a teen, but I think that was mostly because I couldn’t really find anything else that looked interesting. It wasn’t until this past year that I read anything by John Green, Brandon Sanderson, or Neil Gaiman (okay, fine, I read Stardust years ago after seeing the movie, but that doesn’t really count) — and all THREE of those were because I received their books as gifts! Well, to be fair to Sanderson, I got interested in him because he finished the Wheel of Time series, but anyway I’ll quit rambling in your comments.

    In any case, um… I haven’t read all of these either, and it was only recently that I read most of the others, so you’re not alone! I have books by Ness, Westerfeld, AND Rioirdan sitting on my shelves waiting to be read, but it just hasn’t happened yet. (Well, I guess I read A Monster Calls by Ness last year, but I don’t think that really counts either. 😛 I’ll shut up now.)

    • Yeah, I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I haven’t read Harry Potter yet. I wasn’t interested when they were first coming out, and now I’m kind of intimidated because there is so many of them to read! But I still plan to do it!

      • I know what you mean. I wasn’t interested, either. And then when my nephews were watching the second movie over and over, I was like “OH GOD I HATE THIS” lol… Then a few years later the first movie came on TV on one snuggly, wintry evening and I kind of fell in love with it. I think it was still a few years down the road before I decided to read the books, though. By then at least four of the books were already out. No, maybe 5 because I have the 5-book box set.

  6. I should probably be freaking out the most over JKR… or Brandon Sanderson, considering he’s my favorite sci-fi/fantasy author. But PERCY JACKSON!!!!!! I’m really not into middle grade books either, but PJO does *not* read like middle grade. I mean, the characters are young, but the series is just pure fun, and full of unexpected FEELS. And it’s such a breeze to get through. I really think you’d enjoy that series. 😀 I hope you pick it up sometime soon!!

    • I’ll get to all these as soon as I can! So many books, so little time… Glad to hear that Percy Jackson doesn’t read too much like MG.

  7. You should really get around to reading Harry Potter…lol It’s very good 🙂 Percy Jackson is a great read as well, not at all like middle grade really.

    I have been wanting to try out some Brandon Sanderson as well, I’ve heard he’s pretty good.

    Great list!

  8. Okay…. I’ll try not to shout at you to read Harry Potter… *whispers* Read Harry Potter, now! *whispers*! I’ve also read Carter, Westerfeld, Green and Ness and enjoyed all of their books, especially the Chaos Walking trilogy. I hope you get to cross of some of these soon 🙂

  9. I haven’t read any books by these authors either, except J.K. Rowling and that was just the 7th book because I was impatient for the movie haha. Everyone seems to love John Green’s books but I’m just not sure I would enjoy them :/

    • Oh wow, just the 7th book? That’s kind of funny.

      I don’t he’s for everyone. Like I said, I only read a few chapters, but I found most of the characters irritating. I can see the appeal in his writing style for sure though.

  10. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this week, it’s how many people haven’t read HP! I admitted this elsewhere, but I’d actually be a little scared to re-read them now. I remember finding that the books grew with me, both in tone and depth, and I fear the first few books would feel too childish to me now.

    • I have been warned before about how the first few books might seem childish and that the books sort of “grow up” with the characters, so I’m prepared for that! It is good to know!

  11. We have so many the same and I know I’ve been judged on the authors I put on my list (I’m so glad that you haven’t read HP either), but ALLY CARTER? MY HEART.

    • You’re actually the first person to comment, which surprises me a little! I thought more people were really into her. But the good news is that people on this list are people I intend to read!

  12. I’m still stuck on there on number one….you haven’t read Harry Potter! LOL, I only read them all just before the 5th book was published and that was just to see what all the hype was about. I didn’t think I’d like them at all but found I loved them. The first two are childish but still really readable but from book 3, they really take off. I just adore these characters.

  13. I see why you gave the warning about not pouncing on you. XD
    I haven’t read Neil Gaiman, Stephen King and Patrick Ness from this list. I plan to read The Lord of the Rings first because it seems so interesting, though a bit intimidating. My dad has been pushing me to the movies but I can’t watch them unless I read it first! 😀
    I started Uglies last year but it didn’t interest me as much so I put it off. Hopefully, I can pick it up again this year!

    We would all say Harry Potter is a must but Percy Jackson books are light reads so it won’t mix up with your writing.

  14. I won’t give you a hard time about not reading Harry Potter yet…but it’s taking all my will-power. 😉 I was just looking at “Steelheart” yesterday, too, and added it to my TBR. I haven’t read anything by him, either.

    For Neil Gaiman, I highly recommend “Neverwhere.” It’s actually one of my favorite books, and it has the absolute best villains ever. Ever!

    Oh, and while I loved “The Knife of Never Letting Go,” the series goes really dark…I haven’t picked up the third book because I was slightly traumatized by events in the second. Just to give you a warning. 😉 But it is really good, very well written and unique. Happy reading!

    • Thanks for the head’s up about the Chaos Walking trilogy. I will probably start out with one of his standalones first and decide from there.

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