Mini Movie Reviews: Frozen and The Book Thief

I’m still catching up on some movies from 2013, so recently I FINALLY saw Frozen and The Book Thief!


frozen_poster2I’ll tell you, I only became interested in Frozen because everyone was raving about it. The trailer for the movie really did not do it justice. My husband and I thought it was a movie that centered on a silly snowman, but that turned out to not be the case at all. It’s a story about family and love and sacrifice, and Olaf the snowman was sweet and funny, not ridiculous as the trailer made him out to be. And the big twist in the story surprised me!


I thought overall, the characters were pretty good. And I love that Disney is able to poke fun at itself and its usual formula when it comes to love at first sight and all that. Though the relationship in this story doesn’t have the chance to develop as well as Rapunzel and Flynn in Tangled, in my opinion, I still really liked what we got of it.

meltingI will admit I was also a little concerned going into this movie about the hype over the music. I had heard “Let It Go” several times before watching the movie, and I honestly didn’t get what the fuss was about and why it was “the song” of the movie. In the context of the movie, I did enjoy it more, and I liked the other songs as well. For some reason, overall, the music felt less forced than it did in Tangled, but maybe it was because I was expecting it from this movie. I think “Let It Go” could have been a bit grander, but still, it’s a nice song. I also really like the ice song at the beginning.

It was a fun, well-done film, but I would have liked it more if it could have been just a little longer to develop the story just a little more. I rate it four stars.


The Book Thief

book_thiefWith The Book Thief, I was curious to see how everything would be adapted. I had heard pretty positive things so I was optimistic, but also aware that there is no way it could meet all my expectations. But overall, The Book Thief did a good job of hitting the highlights of the story and capturing the spirit of it. Though Death does not speak up much, he does narrate the film, and the movie ends with the same words as the book.

All the actors did a great job in their role: Sophie Nélisse as Liesel, Geoffrey Rush as Hans Hubermann, Emily Watson as Rosa Hubermann, Ben Schnetzer as Max, and Nico Liersch as Rudy… they were all pitch-perfect! Sophie and Nico especially, as Liesel and Rudy, respectively… well, just look at them!

The-Book-Thief-Liesel-Rudy-CROPThey were completely adorable, and I absolutely fell in love with little Rudy all over again. While watching the movie I didn’t think of it because they were doing so well that I was just completely into everything, but in hindsight, it’s amazing that these child actors were able to display the complexity of their characters and of emotions that they needed to, and I believe they truly held their own against the adult actors. And Geoffrey Rush? Just so perfect.


I only have a couple of small complaints. Obviously, it’s not a perfect adaptation because they couldn’t fit everything in, but I so wish they could have! But mostly, that they *SPOILER* changed Rudy’s death so that he survived the bombing for a short period of time before he died in front of Liesel (after he starts to say “I love you”) was not a good change in my opinion. First off, that meant he suffered a lot, and secondly, how traumatizing for Liesel! I mean, more so than already with everything she experiences. I just wish they hadn’t done that. *END SPOILER* My husband, who has not read the book, liked the movie, so I think it was a success in appealing to fans of the book as well as others.

4stars2What are your thoughts on Frozen and The Book Thief? 

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  1. I still haven’t seen Frozen! I think I’m going to rent it one night this week. I actually just saw Tangled in February, so I’m behind on my Disney movies. I’ve heard Let it Go and wasn’t THAT blown away by it either(Good song & catchy? Yes. Best Disney song ever? Not really), so I’m hoping that I’ll end up liking it more in context of the movie too.

    The Book Thief definitely made me sob. I agree about the spoilery change, though–it was such a small change and I wish they would have kept it as it was originally. I knew some things had to be cut, but I was also a little disappointed that some of my favorite lines of Death’s weren’t in the movie. But overall it was well done and make me cry so it gets automatic bonus points for that.

    • Yeah, I agree that Let it Go it certainly catchy but not amazing, but yes, it does work better in the film. Death has so many good lines, so it is too bad we didn’t get to hear more of them. I wish we could have gotten into Liesel’s thing about loving the words and hating the words, because I think it really describes her journey.

  2. I completely agree, I think that the trailer for Frozen didn’t do it at justice at all. I was all “meh” on seeing it, saw it, and LOVED it. I’m not a fan of Let It Go though, but it might be because 1. it’s over-hyped and 2. Idina’s voice is a bit too…screechy?…for me. Nasally. And I can’t believe I haven’t watched The Book Thief yet. LOVED the book, but it was in select theaters down here for only about a week. Ridiculous. I’ll be a wreck, I’m sure. It is cool to think about some of these actors as KIDS. Younger than me. Kids playing such an emotional and hard-hitting role. Love your reviews on these!

    • Only a week? Wow! Our local theaters had it for a few weeks, but I was just never able to make it.

      Glad to know I’m not the only one who isn’t all about “Let it Go”!

  3. that makes me sad that they changed the way Rudy died. There was so much tragedy in that moment when he gets the book out of the river and then never asks for a kiss again. I feel like trying to put some of that emotion into him trying to say I love you when he dies isn’t as poignant. But of course I haven’t seen the movie yet 🙂

    • Yeah, my husband couldn’t even tell what he was trying to say, so it definitely didn’t have the effect that I think they meant for it to, at least not for us.

  4. I loved Frozen – and I wasn’t expecting to like it so much. The humor and the music really appealed to me, though I also don’t understand why Let It Go is so popular – it’s a good song, but it doesn’t stand out as much for me. My favorite song is actually Do You Wanna Build a Snowman.

    I haven’t seen The Book Thief, but I want to read it first (so behind the bandwagon on that) so I can really compare the two. And I know the book has to be better than the movie. But I’m glad you enjoyed the movie so much!

    • Do You Wanna Build a Snowman is a cute song. And yes, you definitely need to read The Book Thief when you have the chance, then see the movie afterward.

  5. I absolutely adored Frozen. There were totally tears involved when Olaf said that line. Yeah, a snowman made me cry.

    I haven’t seen The Book Thief yet, because I want to read the book first. It’s on my list!


    I really enjoyed Frozen but I did have a tiny problem with it. I felt that they didn’t develop Hans enough in the beginning to justify his ending. His actions in his moments alone did not add up to his actions at the end of the movie and I feel like he was just a tool to justify a means. It also felt like an easy way to write him off as a love interest, as in girls can only tell a guy he isn’t the one if said guy is evil.

    But I guess my conflictions with Hans is because the movie was originally planned to go in a different direction. Elsa I guess was supposed to be the villain but when they heard the song “Let it Go” they decided to take her in a new direction.

    Great review, wasn’t Olaf adorable?! 🙂

    • I do think you made a good point. I thought the thing with Hans was sudden and convenient, but I did forgive it because it is a Disney movie and all that. But that is part of the reason why I would have liked it being a little longer, to see more development. And that’s interesting about the original intent of the movie I didn’t know that!

      And yes, Olaf is adorable!

  7. I must be the only person in the universe who hasn’t seen Frozen yet. Wait, my husband hasn’t seen it either, so I guess there’s two of us. 😛 I do want to see it eventually!

    It always amazes me when child actors do incredible jobs; They’re so YOUNG, how can they be this good yet? How can they even understand the complexity enough to portray it so well?! I agree with you about the unnecessary change they made in your spoiler. I didn’t like that either.

    • There are a couple other people who commented who said they have not seen it yet, so there’s at least a few more!

      I know, it is amazing! I’m glad I’m not alone in not liking the change, but it makes me sad they made that choice and so many of us didn’t care for it.

  8. I haven’t watched The Book Thief yet (I know, it’s terrible, but I just haven’t got the chance to), but it looks like that it is a pretty great adaption 🙂 And I agree with you on the spoiler. The change wasn’t necessary, I don’t think, especially since it only seems it was done because they wanted to get three words out for emotional value when the way the scene was depicted in the book was already perfect.

    Look at me, discussing a movie I haven’t even watched yet 😛

    Oh, and Frozen! Yeah, the trailer didn’t do too good of a job presenting the movie– and caused quite a bit of hate to be piled up on such of an adorable snowman! Anyways. Tangled is still the best of the two, in my opinion, but I really did love Frozen. It was just so charming and fun! Like you said, Anna and Kristoff’s relationship wasn’t very developed, but I liked how the movie sort of showed that it was only the beginning of the growth their relationship will have in the future 🙂

    The only thing that I am disappointed by is that there weren’t enough scenes where Anna and Elsa were together. I wanted more dialogue and interaction between them!

    While I like the song Let It Go, I don’t really get what all the hype is about either– it isn’t as delightfully catchy as other popular Disney songs and I don’t find anything particularly unique about the lyrics. It’s your usual “be free! be yourself! don’t let things bother you!” sort of song. Also, I think the song could have happened just a teensy bit later. We basically only had thirty seconds of Elsa being sad and frightened and lonely before she began singing about how the cold didn’t bother her anyway. It was kind of awkward, the transitioning between emotional states.

    Now, The Ice Song… I love it. It’s a bit sad, none of my friends seem to remember it when it was THE song of the movie for me. It might have been short but it was still echoing in my ears long after it was done when I watched Frozen in theaters…

    Oh, and I definitely agree with how it could have been longer, mostly because there was so much background information that was glossed over. Like, how isolated was Anna exactly? How isolated were they from each other? I don’t like it when questions like that are up for the audience to answer…

    Okay, I’m done rambling! Great reviews, Amy 😀

    • Great rambles! I agree with your thoughts! 🙂 Even though I don’t really remember how that ice song goes after one listen, my husband and I were immediately like, “Whoa, that’s cool,” while they were singing it. And I agree that I do like Tangled more!

  9. I’ve seen The Book Thief three times since it came out on DVD. (which I bought when it came out.) – I JUST Love! I appreciate how they keep the heart of the book. I good adaptation in my opinion.

    I’ve also probably seen Frozen eight times since it came out on DVD. I do have the excuse that I babysit and work after school care at a Pre-school. I was hesitant about the film because I’m such a hard-core Tangled fan. While I do have the Frozen soundtrack on my phone and have it memorized…I agree it is not the typical Disney music. I love Alan Menken’s music skills and miss him. (I may belt out “Let it Go” in the car though.)
    Anyways…I LOVED the movie and will be buying it soon! However, Tangled will always be special to me and my favorite new Disney era film.

    • I think Tangled will always hold a special place in my heart. I don’t know what it is about it, but man I’ve never shipped an animated couple so much! They’re just so precious! To make it even better, now they’re going to remind me of Cress and Thorne!

  10. I so agree about Let It Go! I didn’t see what all the fuss was about until I watched the movie. I think knowing the context behind the song, and what it was she was letting go, made it that much more powerful!

    I haven’t read The Book Thief, but I enjoyed the movie. It didn’t make me overly emotional though, so I’d love to give the book a shot one day and see if I get the emotional punch I was expecting.

    Speaking of Tangled, have you seen this? A Frozen-Tangled-Little Mermaid Connection

    • The book is definitely more emotional than the film, since it’s so much more built up, though after seeing the movie, it might decrease some of the punch for you, hard to say. Definitely still worth reading though.

      I had not seen that! I did hear about Rapunzel and Flynn being in the movie, but I had not heard about The Little Mermaid connection.

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