Mini Reviews: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and How to Train Your Dragon 2

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

walter-mittyI don’t really watch quirky, indie movies, and while The Secret Life of Walter Mitty isn’t indie, it is certainly quirky. The message of living your life is extremely heavy-handed in the film, and yet, it’s OK. I can’t explain why it is… I suppose because of the style of the movie. Words of wisdom are written out on the street and on buildings as Walter talks to a guy on the phone about his online dating account, which he only has so he can “wink” at a girl that works with him that he is too shy to confront in real life. And the humor (minus a really weird scene where Walter imagines growing old but backwards a la Benjamin Button) is spot-on and really makes most every character interaction and moment just charming and endearing. This isn’t your typical movie, but it’s a character study and it speaks of the human condition, and to me those are two very important elements of storytelling. And the music was spot-on too. Even though the music featured in the film is not the typical fare on my iPod, it fit so perfectly with the movie and I instantly wanted the soundtrack. If you’re looking for something a little different and a little inspirational, Walter Mitty is definitely worth checking out.

4stars2How To Train Your Dragon 2

train-your-dragon2This is a hard review to write (even in miniature form), especially without spoiling things. Here’s the thing: when you hear they’re releasing a sequel to a beloved standalone movie, it’s easy to be nervous. But for some reason, I didn’t feel that with How to Train Your Dragon 2 at all. The first one blew me away so much I figured this would be have to be incredibly awesome just like it. Well, in many ways it was. But here’s the problem… it’s the sequel to something that was meant to be a standalone. It took something fairly light and made it a bit darker. It changed the characters’ lives in a more dramatic way than I was bargaining for. But it really is still very, very good. But it did make me sad and I did cry. And that was something I was not expecting at all. I understand why the story happened the way it did academically, but I still wish they had done it a little differently. But overall, still really good. I loved seeing how Hiccup, Astird, and the others had grown.

4stars2Have you seen either of these movies? What are your thoughts on them? 


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  1. I really, really want to see How to Train Your Dragon 2, although the fact that it made you sad now has me a little nervous…Like you, I loved the first one, and was actually kind of anxious about the sequel because it didn’t seem like the story needed one, but I’ve heard all these good things about it and planned to see it regardless. Thanks for the review!

  2. Have you been watching the HtTYD series? A couple of years ago at SDCC one of the DreamWorks guys said that it was going to be the bridge between the first and second movie so I’m curious if the direction of the story would feel differently with that piece.

    I haven’t seen the second movie yet or the series, I’m just curious 🙂

    • I didn’t even know there was a series! What channel is it on? I can’t imagine it could have prepared me, but maybe it would have. I imagine it must have lots of cute Hiccup and Astrid moments though!

  3. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2! I also watched this on release day, and wow there was so much sadness. I almost thought they were going to end it on a cliffhanger right on that island! But it was still really good nonetheless. I’m looking forward to the third movie (if it’s still in production)!

    • What you said about thinking it would be a cliffhanger just reminded me that the structure of the movie was a bit wonky too. It started off a little slow (it wasn’t boring, but the narrative dragged) and then it felt like there were two climaxes. And a third movie? Oh goodness! I hope that would go well. Maybe Hiccup and Astrid will finally get married!

  4. My kids are begging me to take them to see How to Train Your Dragon 2, but we always wait for movies to come out at Redbox (because this mama’s cheap, lol). It sounds really good though-can’t wait to see it!

    Just found your blog and I’m now a new follower through bloglovin 🙂

  5. Mitty was a good movie, but man, How to Train Your Dragon 2 was some very emotional stuff. I must admit, even I cried a little a bit. Just a little bit. Good reviews!

    • I don’t cry much over movies (though I was embarrassed to remember the last time I cried in the theater was only last year during Into Darkness), but man were the tears falling! Glad I wasn’t the only one!

  6. I love the music in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty-Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez is forever being replayed on my music player! So glad to hear that you enjoyed it because I’ve been dying to watch this one. 🙂
    And How To Train Your Dragon 2!! So excited for this one 😀

  7. I haven’t watched either, but How to Train Your Dragon is something I am awaiting. I’m scared now knowing that it made you cry, like how could that happen?

    But yeah, it has a really high rating on Rotten Tomatoes. My only disappointment is that Hiccup doesn’t have a sexy voice now.

  8. I haven’t seen either of these movies, but I am interested in watching the original Secret Life of Walter Mitty – I think it is better. And then maybe I will compare it to the remake. Also surprised that Dragon 2 is so emotional! I will be prepared then! 🙂 I read some of the books and enjoyed those, so now I just need to find the time to watch!

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