My Top 10 Movie Anticipations for 2015

Hopefully early next month I’ll be ready to reveal the rankings of the movies I saw this year (it looks like so far I’ve seen 10 2014 releases, but I want to squeeze in a few more before I make that post), but for now I want to continue my tradition of sharing my most anticipated films for the upcoming year. It’s interesting to go back and look at the lists; my most anticipated films do tend to be ones I see and enjoy, but sometimes I end up not seeing something, being disappointed, or end up enjoying a movie I was unaware of when I made the list. But based on what I know now, here’s what I look forward to seeing in 2015…

10. Tomorrowland, Coming May 2015

This one looks interesting and it’s directed by Brad Bird, and I love not only his work with Pixar but also Mission: Impossible 4, so I’m hoping it’ll be good!

9. Kingsman: The Secret Service, Coming February 2015

This movie just looks like fun to me, and feels like it could be the premise of a YA novel.

8. The Jungle Book, Coming October 2015

Clearly not from the upcoming adaptation, but I couldn’t resist…

So I was gonna be all like… “OMG, this movie’s going to be awesome because Benedict Cumberbatch is voicing Shere Khan!” and then I checked the IMDB page and found out it’s actually Idris Elba. Don’t get me wrong, I like Idris Elba and I think he’ll do a great job, but where did that come from? Was the Benny (I have no idea why I just typed that as his name) thing a rumor? Did he drop out? Did I just make that up in my head? Well, whatever, I’m still looking forward to seeing more about this one. Jon Favreau is directing (he did the first two Iron Man films) so that’ll be interesting.

*EDIT* I have been informed there is a 2017 Jungle Book with Benedict Cumberbatch and Christian Bale and Andy Serkis and Cate Blanchett so now that is really the one I am looking forward to! But hopefully this one will still be good. Though why two Jungle Book movies in two years?

7. Ant-Man, Coming July 2015

Ant-Man-Comic-Con_612x380About all I know is that Paul Rudd is playing a character named Ant-Man and this is a Marvel movie so yeah… I’m hoping it will be great, but I would like more details! (Oh, and Peggy Carter’s in it! That’s always a win!)

6. Mission: Impossible 5, Coming December 2015

There is no revealed plot for this movie yet, but I really, really liked M:I 4, way more than the first three M:I movies (though I do like them fine, some more than others), and I’m hoping this one will be just as strong. At least Jeremy Renner’s character is back (and Luther and Benji!), yay!

5. Peanuts, Coming June 2015

As long as I can remember I have had a deep love for the Peanuts so yes, I will be watching this, and I will probably (hopefully) love it.

4. Inside Out, Coming June 2015

First off, thanks to Maggie @ Macaroons & Paperbacks to tipping me off on this film before I started seeing stuff about it on Facebook, but FINALLY we’re getting a Pixar film that isn’t a freaking sequel! I just hope it turns out better than Brave… not my favorite.

3. Mockingjay: Part Two, Coming November 2015

I will probably cry all the tears, but I need to see Peeta be OK and Katniss finally love him.

2. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Coming December 2015

Um, because it’s Star Wars. I think this will be good. Allow me to be nerdy here for a moment… I’m just a tiny bit mad at JJ for what he did with the Star Trek timeline, though it IS an alternate universe and the films have a very wide appeal, both which I am grateful for, but also I do think it was rude of him to kill the Star Wars extended universe because of this film. But really, do you think this will be worse than Jar Jar? No, it won’t. I think it looks interesting (hello fun droids and strange lightsabers and helmetless Stormtroopers!) I’m looking forward to it!

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron, Coming May 2015

I have no words for this. I need to see this movie now.

Honorable Mentions: Insurgent (does the trailer make anyone else question if this is actually based off the book or not?) and Cinderella. I’m also mildly curious about Minions, Jupiter AscendingPan, and Jurassic World. I know everyone’s freaking out about seeing Chris Pratt with dinosaurs but I’m not particularly in love with either. Besides, I’ve only seen about 85% of one of the Jurassic Park movies and I don’t even know which one it was.

What 2015 movies are you eagerly anticipating? 

17 Responses to My Top 10 Movie Anticipations for 2015

  1. THE LITTLE PRINCE! Even though it’s in French. STILL.

    The trailer for Inside Out is so weird though, like I understand what’s going on, but I wonder what the plot will be like! AND YAY PEANUTS. And wow Jungle Book? Two Jungle Book Movies? AVENGERSSSSS 🙂

    • I don’t know too much about The Little Prince, but perhaps I’ll have to check it out!

      Yeah, I guess the plot is about emotions being personified? Who knows? Pixar can usually pull these things off.

  2. I totally thought Cumberbatch was voicing Shere Khan as well! Though I think Idris Elba will do an amazing job 😀 Oh wait – read the next paragraph. That’s… weird. Why two so close to each other??

    Oh my god Inside Out’s trailer had my crying from laughing so hard. I’m so excited to watch it! And it’s my birthday month too – even better!

    Age. Of. Ultron. BEYOND ready for that one. I’ve watched the trailer way too many times already 😛

    Not just you – I’m actually unimpressed with the Insurgent trailer and I’m not quite sure I’ll be rushing out to see it.

    • I’ll probably wait to rent Insurgent, like I did with Divergent. Insurgent is also my least favorite book of the trilogy so that probably doesn’t help me with my enthusiasm either.

  3. Um, yes pretty much all the movies in your top 10, I’m interested in seeing! Only Ant-man (not familiar with the comic and Star Wars surprisingly I’m not dying to see. Although I’m sure I’ll be seeing Star Wars when it comes out.) I think number one for me would be Tomorrowland and Mockingjay (they are kinda tied, but I think I would happily commit a crime to see Mockingjay now LOL) It’s interesting they are making two Jungle Book movies – I wouldn’t have thought people were that interested in the story, but I’m with you – the Benny and Andy Serkis one, I’d much rather see!

  4. Kingsman looks SO good…unfortunately it is hard for me to get a chance to see movies lately because of MJ..have to get babysitting..planning to see mockingjay this Friday hopefully along with into the woods!

  5. I WANT TO WATCH SO MANY OF THESE!! And omg, I want the 2017 Jungle Book so badly. What a wonderfully awesome cast!! *waits impatiently*
    Ohh, in 2015….I want to see The Imitation Game and The Water Diviner, OH AND OF COURSE ALL THE MARVEL MOVIES COMING.

  6. Oh wow, I didn’t know there were going to be TWO Jungle Book movies. Can’t say I’m particularly excited for them, though, since it’s been at least a decade since I watched the cartoon. (Haha, these things make me feel so old. xD) But the 2017 one has such a great cast!!! If anything, I’m excited about that!

    I didn’t think I’d be excited for Kingsman, but then I watched the trailer and saw that it had Colin Firth AND Michael Caine, so now I’m looking forward to it. Yup. The actors play a huge role in how much I look forward to a film. And like you said, it looks really fun. 🙂

    Ant-Man! I dunno, even though I’m all for Marvel, the premise for this one is so funky. I don’t know much about Ant-Man except that I think he’s able to shrink to the size of an ant or something? I didn’t know Peggy Carter was going to be in it, though. Definitely a plus! And every time I see Age of Ultron I get the jitters because I’m just. so. excited! That movie trumps all. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be like the first Avengers, though — I liked that one, but not as much as everyone else seemed to have.

    And I would have included Insurgent in my list, but I didn’t like the first trailer much. 🙁 Same goes with Jupiter Ascending. Channing Tatum doesn’t look good with smokey eyes. NOT AT ALL. But it’s from the creators of The Matrix, so who knows, the film might turn out to be epic.

    • I enjoyed the first Avengers… I do think people make it out to be greater than it actually was, but it was really fun. I do think this next one will be darker and with the way that Winter Soldier and Agents of SHIELD have gone.

      Jupiter Ascending either looks like it’ll be pretty good or like it’s going to fail, but it’s hard to say which. Channing Tatum definitely looks strange in it though, I agree.

  7. yay movies!!
    Avengers is totally at the top of my list also. I’m meh about Chris Pratt and dinosaurs too. I’m sadly also kind of not super excited about new Star Wars. I”m not in love, love with the universe overall so it’s got to be a good movie in its own right for me. It’s not good simply by default of being a Star Wars movie. I think if the next trailer is good, though, it’ll be easy to get excited about.
    I’m curious also about Jupiter Rising. The new trailer looks quite a bit different from the ones last year. They’re emphasizing a whole different side of the story and I have to wonder if that’s because the marketing the first time around didn’t do well. Also, I don’t remember Channing Tatum’s elf ears being quite so pointy in the other trailers.
    Kingsman I think looks fun and is directed by the X-Men First Class director.
    I’m much more excited to see Mockingja Part 2 now that I’ve seen part 1. I was pretty dubious about how they’d split that book but since part 1 was really good I have higher hopes for part 2.
    And, yeah, Tomorrowland I think is going to be either really interesting and good or really bad. I haven’t figured out yet which way it will fall but I’m excited to see it and find out 🙂

    • Glad to know I am not alone in my feelings about Chris Pratt and dinosaurs! And I understand what you’re saying about Star Wars… My excitement for it has more to do with my curiosity to see what the story is and how it plays out. Hopefully the next trailer will reveal more!

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