My Top Ten 2014 Movies

I saw 13 movies that were released in 2014, and there are still a few I really want to see that might have made this list had I already seen them, but I was ready to write this post before 2014 seemed too far gone.

10. Divergent

This was a pretty decent adaptation of a book that I enjoyed. It does not stand out greatly for me, but only garnered a few small complaints from me, the biggest being the lack of character development for Caleb.

tris-four-divergent-movie#9 on My Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 list

9. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The last film of the Hobbit trilogy just confirmed our suspicions that one book really did not need to be stretched thin into three movies. There was a LOT of action in this film, some of which was really interesting, but did it warrant a whole entire movie unto itself? Not really.The-Hobbit-Five-Armies#6 on My Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 list

*Tie* 8. Non-Stop

This was a Redbox rental that ended up really surprising me. It was almost literally non-stop with action and intensity that had me hooked all the way through.

non-stop-movieDid not make My Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 list

*Tie* 8. Guardians of the Galaxy

I had low expectations for this movie, despite the fact that it was Marvel, because honestly, the trailer seemed to be aimed towards 10 year old boys. I was surprised that I grew to care about this group of misfits-turned-unlikely-heroes and that my favorite characters ended up being a tree and a raccoon. Also, the space shots were very epic. Not a new favorite, but worth a watch.

Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_grootDid not make My Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 list

I rated Non-Stop higher than Guardians of the Galaxy, but the latter has the rewatchable factor going for it, which is why I decided to declare it a tie between the two. 

6. How To Train Your Dragon 2

I actually haven’t completely forgiven this movie for getting so dang dark. I mean, it’s supposed to be a kid’s movie! I did LOVE seeing Hiccup and Astrid more grown up and being back in their world, but yeah, I just feel it got way too dramatic. Dang sequels.

how-to-train-your-dragon2#3 on My Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 list

5. Edge of Tomorrow

This was another Redbox rental that surprised me. I was worried this one might get a little too repetitive like I felt Vantage Point did, but instead I was engaged the whole time and came to care about their characters. I don’t know how much I want to rewatch it, but I did really enjoy it.

edge-of-tomorrow-01Did not make My Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 list

4. X-Men: Days of Future Past

This storyline is slightly convoluted, but I forgive it because I love seeing the old and new meet. Days of Future Past and First Class have really been head and shoulders above the previous three X-Men movies.

xmen-daysoffuturepast#7 on My Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 list

The Three-Way Tie For #1 (Seriously, Don’t Make Me Choose)

Most Rewatchable: Captain America: The Winter Solider

Watching Agents of SHIELD up to the point of The Winter Soldier, watching this movie, and then watching Agents of SHIELD since then has been a really cool experience. Never before have I known of a movie to build up to something that would happen in a movie, and then for the repressions to immediately continue the next week on the TV show. That, my friends, is taking great advantage of various storytelling avenues.

But The Winter Soldier also stands well apart from the show as a part of the Marvel cinematic universe, and I have no doubt what we saw there will lead to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Since I rewatch the Marvel movies pretty frequently, there’s no doubt I will watch this one again many more times, and as of now, it’s definitely one of my favorites of the franchise.

captain-america-the-winter-soldier#2 on My Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 list

Most Profound: Interstellar

This is one of those movies that makes you think about life on levels that you just don’t normally go to. That’s why I love Christopher Nolan’s films in general, and he really took it to a whole new level with Interstellar. I have some small complaints about how much the story flirted way too much with the fine line between interesting sci-fi and a little-too-far-out-there sci-fi, but all-in-all, this movie was an experience. The visuals were beautiful, the acting was incredible, and oh how it gave me feels.

(Also, as a follow-up on my comments on my Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 post about this movie, I did really like Topher Grace in this movie, but I did also discover after that post but before watching this movie that I didn’t dislike Topher so much when I watched That 70’s Show, for whatever reason.)

interstellar-cornfield#5 on My Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 list

Best Mix of Rewatchable & Profoundness: Mockingjay Part One

While I wouldn’t consider Mockingjay quite as rewatchable as The Winter Solider or nearly as profound as Interstellar, it does have a good mix of these factors. It’s not as action-packed as the previous Hunger Games installments; it feels much more quiet as it explores the depths of Katniss’s PTSD in a way that I honestly didn’t connect with quite as deeply in the book. I have mad respect for Francis Lawrence taking what I feel is the weakest book of the trilogy and turning the material into a really poignant film, and I believe he will do the same again for Part Two.

Mockingjay-part1#1 on My Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 list

What were you favorite movie releases of 2014?

6 Responses to My Top Ten 2014 Movies

  1. I’M PRETTY SURE I’ve watched all of these except Non-Stop, but I LOVE ALL THESE MOVIES. For me personally I would move Guardians of the Galaxy up, BUT THERE ARE JUST SO MANY TIES hahaha. And ahhhh Interstellar! I think that was my favorite movie….oooo maybe. Maybe it’s a tie between all of these hahahah.

  2. X-men Days of Future Past was probably my favorite film of the year. I just love James McAvoy so much as a performer – he is seriously one of my favorites. And the characters and interesting and complicated storyline – it was all great.

    Winter Soldier I mostly liked, though I had a few qualms. I can’t remember if I commented in more detail on your review 🙂

    Mockingjay, I agree was a great adaption because they crafted a very strong movie from a weaker half of a book. Very hard to do.

    I didn’t see a couple of other films on your list (Non-Stop and How to Train your Dragon 2) – but mostly I concur 🙂

  3. I’ve seen every movie on this list except Interstellar. Which everyone seems to love and now I am totally regretting not seeing it in the cinema. *sigh*

    I’m really bad at ordering things in how much I loved them BUT. I did adore two movies that were released this year: Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: Winter Soldier. I also really loved The Fault in Our Stars (which is surprising because I wasn’t a fan of the book). I was never sold on GofG, but when I saw it I fell 100% in love. I’d say it was probably my favourite 2014 release. CA:TWS was just freaking amazing. Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan are so completely perfect, and the storyline was fab. Everything about that movie was amazing.

    I was also surprised by how dark How To train Your Dragon 2 was. The *thing* that happened … NO. That’s not supposed to happen in a kids’ movie! It reduced my enjoyment quite a bit, unfortunately.

    I adored the first The Hobbit movie, but my enjoyment has decreased with each following movie. I adore the characters a lot, but I just didn’t have the same emotional investment as in, say, The Lord of the Rings movies. Which is sad. 🙁

    I hope 2015 has super awesome movies, too!

    • I think everyone feels the same as you do in regards to The Hobbit vs. LOtR. The same magic is just not there!

      HtTYD2: I know! It was just wrong!

      And I hope you love Interstellar when you see it! It was certainly a great theater experience, but it will still be great on a smaller screen, I’m sure! 🙂

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