Double Book & Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

As you may recall, I am reading Harry Potter FOR THE FIRST TIME and then watching the corresponding movie after each book. So far, I really enjoyed books 1 & 3, thought 2 was decent but felt it suffered from being formulaic, and that I have not been overly thrilled with any of the movie adaptations, but the third has been my least favorite of those so far.

Now I have great news: So far, The Goblet of Fire is my favorite Harry Potter book AND movie!


The Book

gr-goblet-of-fireThis is when the books start getting long, 700+ pages, and I can’t deny that it was intimidating (my longest read last year was 562 pages). However, I hoped with a longer book we would get a lot more details and action. I won’t say that 700+ pages delivered significantly more than the previous books with only 300ish pages in terms of how much happened (well, before the really intense stuff, obviously), but the pacing was usually on point (I did find it lagging or sort of odd in a few spots), and I did like the development. And just like Azkaban, those last few chapters were like OMGOMGOMG for me. I mean seriously, when a certain person met a certain fate and crap was going down I’m pretty sure I said something out loud, like WHAT, or ARE YOU SERIOUS, or who knows what, but the point is I was really into it. It was the point I feel I have been waiting for, that turning point in the series everyone talks about. The book has some flaws, but I really loved this story and just devoured that ending.

5stars2Also, Hermione is still my favorite. She’s so much more reasonable than everyone else.

hermione-gobletoffireThe Movie

gobletoffireThank goodness, finally, the script didn’t feel strange! There were several added lines that were seriously funny, I liked the addition of more Neville, the omission of the house elves and their subplot, and the things that were changed or condensed actually made sense this time (except I think we could have used a few more minutes of The World Cup and The Dark Mark stuff at the beginning. I like that we skipped the Dursleys entirely though!).

You know what else didn’t feel strange? The directing! I think maybe only once I thought someone was staged awkwardly, and it was far less egregious than the previous movies.  I mean seriously, despite my production background, I only think about the direction of a movie/show if it truly stands out, either for being awful or for being great, and the Harry Potter movies have made me think way too much about directing in a not good way. Until now, finally. I know the director changes yet again so I hope I will be as happy with the last few films as I was with this one. At the very least, maybe the screenwriter is finally getting the hang of adapting the books to script.

I will say that this movie gets a 4 for being a worthy adaptation, but I feel I can’t give it higher since it can’t replace the book and I don’t know how many times I would rewatch it on its own.4stars2Alright, The Order of the Phoenix is next, about an extra 100 pages, and I know stuff is just going to keep going down. Bring on the action, the drama, and the teenage angst (seriously, these kids are starting to get moody)!

What are your thoughts on The Goblet of Fire (book and/or movie)?

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  1. Hermione is also my favourite character, and my two favourite books are The Goblet Of Fire and the last one [Deathly Hallows] I think it is a very good idea to read the books before watching the movies!

    • Yeah, I didn’t want to discover what happens in the story via the movies… I wanted to know from the books. My husband is also reading along but he’s reading each book after we watch each movie… which means he seems to be enjoying the movies more, but I’m still glad to be doing it this way.

  2. Every time someone is reviewing Harry Potter on their blog I have this urge to pick up the book and re-read them. I am still planning to buy the books in english once and re-read them all as I read them in Dutch the first time. I really love this series and devoured the books. I think book 2-4 are my favourite. They really start getting long by this point. I also really like Hermione as a character. I can’t remember much of the movie, although i did watch it, I do remember that I thought the dragon battle was a bit weird as it wasn’t like the book at all. I was one of those people who kept pointing out the differences between the book and movie. Great reviews!

    • I bought the whole series through Scholastic’s website for a pretty decent price, if you want to check there when you’re ready to buy!

      I do agree that the dragon battle in the movie was a weak point… all that property damage was definitely not in the book!

    • Yes, I think the Hermione/Ron stuff in this one was really good! I also like her friendship with Harry, and how she’s always there for him even when everyone else has turned their back on him.

  3. Goblet of Fire isn’t my favorite book of the series, but it’s definitely within the top 3, sometimes top 2, depending on the day. My top 3 are Prisoner of Azkaban(always #1), Deathly Hallows, & Goblet of Fire. I waver on which to place at #2 and which to place at #3. But GoF is just SO a turning point in the series, and you can tell. Harry Potter has never been completely lacking in seriousness(I mean, the books start with the death of Harry’s parents, so you KNOW that it’s gonna be grim at times) but GoF, for me, is when things really start amping up. It’s when the storm that’s been brewing finally starts, and I love it.
    Strangely, though, I really dislike the GoF film. It’s been years since I’ve seen it last so I don’t remember exactly why I had that impression, but it’s always been the most boring HP film for me.

    • Yes, it is definitely amping up now! And I love hearing how everyone ranks the movies and books! I’m really anxious to see how I’ll rank them all when I’m finished.

  4. How exciting to be reading the books/watching the movies for the first time! It’s been a while since I’ve read the books (especially the earlier ones), but over winter break I had something of a Harry Potter movie marathon, and it was magical. The series really does take a turn at the 4th book, because it’s where the over-arching series plot finally starts to pick up (at the end). The 5th is where it really starts to turn serious though!

    I was able to notice so many more things by re-watching the movies again after so long. My favorite movies are definitely the later ones (6, 7, 8). I think you’ll really like them too, because they really feel more like an intense movie vs. a cute adaptation like the earlier movies. I had shunned the 5th movie for so long because it was just so dark, but going back and re-watching it made me realize that it’s so much better than what I remembered! Get excited for watching the next movie…

  5. Yayyy! I’m so happy that you love this one, Goblet of Fire is my favorite book, and maybe my favorite film (I am torn between a later film though). I really loved the competition aspect in this book, and of course the ending is so emotional. The books are definitely amping up, it will be so interesting to see what you make of the next book.

  6. yay!! This is definitely my second favorite book (I like Deathly Hallows quite a bit). And as I’ve said before, where I really feel the story turned and got interesting. The last act – it’s all so interesting and intriguing and good in many ways.

    I agree that the beginning of the film could have used a bit more around the World Cup and Dark Mark stuff. I also would have liked… at the end I just don’t love Daniel Radcliffe’s performance after… when he’s back. It’s just never felt really, as authentic or powerful as I wanted – as I feel the story warrants. I feel like if the director had just given him a little more time… helped him get to that place a little bit more… it would have been great. But every time, no matter how much I want to love this movie and do love so many other things about it, i cringe.

    • The ending of the movie definitely wasn’t as dynamic as the book, I can agree with that. In the book I could just feel how exhausted and haunted Harry felt… not so much in the movie.

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