The Top 10 Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

Top Ten Tuesday topic is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s topic is The Top 10 Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books. I decided to do two lists of 5, one for the dislikes and one for the likes, and while it might have been hard to come up for 10 for one of the other, coming up with 5 for both was pretty easy! Here they are…

Top 5 Dislikes 

1. Instalove

Preach it, Kristoff.

I think most of this are tired of this. I mean seriously, it doesn’t make sense and it’s not interesting. Insta-attraction is one thing, but instalove, no way.

2. Hot & Heavy

I do not want to read about teenagers (anyone really, but especially teens) who think they need to get it on to show their love. No, no you don’t.

3. The Bad Boy/Girl

Case in point: Wickham. Terrible human being.

I have NEVER understand why so many girls find bad boys appealing. They’re BAD. They won’t treat you well. They don’t care about safety. BAD BAD BAD. And don’t forget, it can go the other way around; there are plenty of nasty girls out there too.

4. Lying/Cheating/Playing Games/Manipulating

I think this goes with the previous one but seriously, I will never root for a relationship that is steeped in deception rather than trust. There’s nothing romantic about playing games and lying to each other.

5. Badly Done Love Triangles


That’s all I’ve got to say.

Top 5 Likes

1. The Slow Burn

Keep it low and slow, make me want it, need it, feel it!

2. The Good Guy/Girl


I like sweetness. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know this. Be a good person and I will be so happy when you find love!

3. Friends First

emma-approved-emma-knightleyYou know I love Emma and Knightley so. But seriously, I think friendship is an awesome foundation to a romantic relationship because even when you’re upset with that person or don’t feel all the sparks, you’re still friends, and that in itself means something.

4. Quips/Banter

“Do you always read at balls?” “Whenever I can get away with it.” Vin and Elend, ladies and gentlemen. That is Brandon Sanderson doing flirty quips right. We need more of this in books!

5. They Still Have Friends! 

emma-approved-friendsSeriously, don’t shut yourself out from other people. You still need other friends.

What do you like/dislike in romances in books?

21 Responses to The Top 10 Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

  1. I pretty much agree with all of these, both likes & dislikes! I’ve also never understood the appeal of bad boys. They’re just so. . . not gonna work, and you can tell, so why go down that road? And slow burn romances are pretty much my all-time favorite thing I like in bookish romances.

  2. Wow, I could have written this; I agree with practically everything you have said. I definitely do not understand insta-love; how can you suddenly be in LOVE with someone you’ve just met?!

  3. Pretty much, yes.

    I like how you distinguish between insta-attraction and insta-love. When authors combine that with a good friendship as a base it’s a lot of fun.

  4. Me likes the slow burn! They’re so awesome!

    Ugh! I hate it when their whole world revolves around the relationship! Dudes, go spend some time with you family and friends, it’ll be good! 😀

    Oh, I also loath when the love triangle lasts for ALL 3 books! (or the whole series) Just get it over with in the first, or perhaps 2nd and then go save the bloody world! Or when 1. The girl doesn’t want one of the guys to move on (I really, really hate this! GAHHH!!!) or 2. WHEN A GUY WON’T LEAVE HER ALONE! and keeps whining and whining and whining… and whining. honeslty, just no.

    Anyway, great post! 😀

  5. Fantastic list! I’m pretty sure I agree with every single one of these. I can’t understand the appeal of the broody secretive dude. Give me a sweet, sensitive, witty guy any day – I will always fall for him over the bad boy. And yes, slow-burn romances starting from friendships are wonderful.

  6. Still having friends is a good one! I hate how a relationship just revolves around itself, and there is just no one else around. LIKE COME ON. You had friends before didn’t you? Don’t brush off your friends!!! Nice list Amy!

    • I know, isn’t that so annoying?! Though what’s worse is that in some YA books they really don’t have friends before, or if they do they “conveniently” all die or something! What the heck?!

  7. That Kristoff gif is perfect! I’m totally saving that 😀
    I completely agree with all your likes. Love Peeta! Quips/Banter are always the best because they add so much unexpected humor 🙂

  8. Love the list, however I do understand the appeal of the bad boy, I just don’t think that they are a good choice, and that the MC should definitely go with the sweet, nice boy…unless there’s no sweet guy option, or unless she, too, is a bad girl type. What I really don’t understand the appeal of is the dark broody guy. What I would add to the list of dislikes are:

    YA love triangles. They’re so overdone. That’s not to say that I have anything against multiple love interests, just two guys, one girl.

    Mr. Perfect. He doesn’t exist, so when he shows up in a book, he really irks me…unless he turns out to be the villain. 😉

    And unrealistic love.

    I think that covers it for me.

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