My Top 10 (Er, Or So) Movie/TV Heroines (& Maybe Books Too…)

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s topic is Top Ten Favorite Heroines From Books, but I did this topic just barely over a year ago for a TTT Rewind, so I thought I would focus on my favorite heroines that I know exclusively from movies and TV. And I got carried away. Ahem.

This week’s list is in no particular order…

1. Peggy Carter from Captain America/Agent Carter

peggy-carterWhat an amazing coincidence that today is the day of the Agent Carter TV season finale! If you’ve read this blog for a while you know I love me some Peggy Carter. I think she is awesome in basically every way.

2. Jemma Simmons from Agents of SHIELD

Simmons_Season2You know who is also a big fangirl of Peggy Carter? Jemma Simmons from Agents of SHIELD! Jemma might not have the ability to kick butt the way Peggy does, but she’s incredibly gifted in science and uses her abilities to fight for what’s right.

3. Lady Sif from Thor

lady-sifAnd one more from the Marvel universe! Lady Sif is basically like Peggy Carter from another realm. She is also way more awesome than Jane Foster, who I don’t dislike, but she’s not Sif.

4. Kate Beckett from Castle

Kate-beckett2I’ve been watching Castle since day one, and I’ve always liked Beckett, but I think I’ve come to really like her more and more these past two or three seasons. I’ve definitely enjoyed watching her character grow.

5. Olivia Dunham from Fringe

Anna-TorvSpeaking of character development, there’s also quite a bit for Olivia Dunham in Fringe! Some of you were here for my Fringe journey back in 2013, and you saw just how crazy hooked I got on the show. That passion has definitely died down now, but I still have a lot of love for Olivia.

6. Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

daxNow that Charlene has finished DS9 (sorry for anyone else who hasn’t but might one day) I can safely say Jadzia AND Ezri Dax! This might be a cheat, because they are two different people, but oh well, too bad. They are different but I love them both. Jadzia is so spunky and smart, and Ezri I can just completely relate to.

7. Princess Leia from Star Wars

leiaI mean, she’s a princess who can shoot and fight for the cause. She’s pretty awesome.

8. Kaylee from Firefly

kayleeI love Kaylee. She’s sweet and fun and loyal and good at what she does.

9. and 10. Susan Ivanova and Delenn from Babylon 5

babylon5ladiesI debated with myself for a while about whether or not to include these two before I finally decided to. I feel quite separated from the show these days, even though I only saw it 2-3 years ago, I think because it doesn’t have the community like Star Trek; and also unlike Star Trek and Fringe, I didn’t find any Babylon 5 podcasts to enrich my experience. But when I think back to the show, and these two women, I’m just blown away all over again. Both of these women exhibit strength in different ways and they go through such interesting arcs. I’ll say it again: if you are a fan of science fiction, you should really watch this show (just look past the production value, they were on a budget).

BONUS Runner-Ups: Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Molly Mahoney from Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.


BONUS #2: My Top 6 Fave Heroines from Books That I’ve Read Since Last Year!

(1) Hermione from Harry Potter, (2) Vin from Mistborn, (3) Cress from The Lunar Chronicles, (4) Seraphina from Seraphina,  (5)Alina from The Grisha Trilogy, and (6) Deryn from The Leviathan Trilogy


Who are your favorite heroines from books/TV/movies? 

22 Responses to My Top 10 (Er, Or So) Movie/TV Heroines (& Maybe Books Too…)

  1. I am SO behind on Agent Carter and it’s awful! I’ll have to binge all five episodes that I’ve missed to catch up to tonight – hopefully I can continue to avoid spoilers.

    I actually love all the women from Firefly – I couldn’t pick between Kaylee and Zoe!

  2. So is Agent Carter pretty good then? I watched the first few episodes of Agents of Shield and didn’t love them, so I’m a bit meh about the whole thing. Should I just push through that and start watching Agent Carter while I am at it?

    • Agents of SHIELD got a lot better towards the end of the first season and really picked up this season. I’m enjoying Agent Carter; it hasn’t quite blown me away but I had crazy high expectations because I’ve been a Peggy Carter fangirl since the first Captain America movie. In short, I think it’s all worth checking out!

  3. I’m so behind on TV. I haven’t seen most of these shows yet but I have several of them on my DVR. Maybe I need a binge watching weekend. The Shield and Agent Carter are on my to watch list. Thanks so much for sharing your list this week. I see a few I need to check out. Happy reading & Tv watching!! My TTT

  4. I love Peggy Carter!! I liked her quite a bit after Captain America but love her so, so much after watching the series!! I love her strength and how blunt it is and honest and witty and fun. Love her so much.

    Not a big fan of Olivia Dunham, but I was never a fan of the actress so it was hard to like the character.

    Though I like Lady Sif so much better than Jane Foster too. I love seeing her on SHIELD because it’s fun for her to have her own stories here or there.

  5. I love all of the ladies on your list. It’s so hard to pick just ten. 🙂
    I really like the women in Agents of SHIELD: May, Simmons, Skye, Bobbi. Jadzia Dax is one of my favorite characters ever and I also really like Kira Nerys. I’ll also add Farscape’s women characters: Aeryn Sun, Zhaan, Chiana, and the rest.

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