Top 10 Beach Reads

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is Top Ten Books  I Plan To Have In My Beach Bag This Summer or Ten Books I Think Make Great Beach Reads. Yet again, this topic comes right after I get back from the beach, and this trip was shorter than last year’s, so I didn’t quite get to devour as many books this time. However, I wanted to share what I brought with me, what I would want to bring with me if I could go again, and what I would recommend you take on your beach trip.

The Well of Ascension/The Hero of Ages/Beach Tote

OK, so I actually didn’t get to finish The Well of Ascension on my trip, much less touch The Hero of Ages, though I did bring it on the trip with me. I actually love reading fantasy on the beach because you have the hours at a time to absorb the world you’re reading; I discovered this last year when I read Shadow and Bone on my beach trip.

beachbag2015-3The Distance Between Us/The Winner’s Crime/The Start of You and Me/The Hunger Games/Beach Tote

This list assumes I decided to get physical copies of the first three books since I don’t want to take my e-reader to the beach (I have the e-book of The Distance Between Us and the other two I have holds on the e-books through my library). As far as The Hunger Games go, I would really like to re-read the trilogy this year, and the beach seems like a nice place to do it!

beachbag2015-4All Fall Down/The Young Elites/Leviathan/For Darkness Shows the Stars/Beach Tote

If you’re looking for any rhyme or reason to these choices other than the fact that I enjoyed them all, good luck because there isn’t really a theme here at all! We’ve got contemporary (with a hint of thriller), fantasy, alternate history steampunk, and sci-fi all for the taking here.

Which books would you like to read at the beach?

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    • Thanks! Last year I looked around for bags from different sources, but I saw these at a Barnes and Noble and knew I had to include them in this post!

  1. The Distance Between Us is a great pick! All of Kasie West’s contemporaries are so good. I recently finished The Winner’s Crime & I think you’ll really enjoy it as well. Such a great follow up to The Winner’s Curse! The Start of Me & You is on my list too. I read & loved Emery Lord’s first so am eager to read her second

  2. My only problem with reading Sanderson while out on the beach is that I tend to get immersed in his stories and would likely end up with a sunburn from saying to myself “Just one more chapter!”

  3. I love those beach bags. Up to last year I would never have dreamt of reading fantasy on the beach but last year I read The Bone Season and it worked surprisingly well. You are right when you say that long spells of reading really help you to absorb the world you are reading about. And yes The Distance Between Us, The Young Elites, The Hunger Games and The Winners Crime are all great choices!

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