Mini Movie Reviews: Inside Out, Ant-Man, and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Inside Out


I have not been happy with Pixar’s sudden shift from creating brand new, original stories to CRANKING OUT ALL THE SEQUELS, though admittedly, I had also not been happy with their last original offering, Brave. My expectations for Inside Out were cautiously optimistic. Thankfully, I really enjoyed it! The main character, Ryleigh, is about 11 or 12 when her family makes a big move from Minnesota to San Francisco, and I was really able to relate to it with the big moves I’ve made in my life. I really enjoyed all the characters and, as a movie about emotions should do, it gave me all the feels. Definitely recommended.



With Ant-Man, the latest offering of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (note: do there is a difference between Marvel’s cinematic universe and other Marvel films that are being released like X-Men, the new Fantastic Four, etc.), I was again cautiously optimistic. The marketing department had not done much to convince me this would going to be better than an average superhero movie (because I expect better these days), but I also hoped it was probably going to be pretty good because, well, Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thankfully, it was quite enjoyable, maybe not profound or earth-shattering, but very funny. I think this movie for me is what Guardians of the Galaxy was for a lot of other people, with just a little twist in the typical superhero image and fun. Paul Rudd really sold the show for me. Recommended.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation


I like the first MI movie. I kind of liked the second and third ones for a while… and I still think the third one is a pretty strong movie, but man does Phillip Seymour Hoffman freak me out in it… but recently I have grown a little less interested in them. Probably because they’re all overshadowed in my mind by the fourth one, Ghost Protocol. Brad Bird did an amazing job with the direction, I liked the addition of Jeremy Renner to the team… I don’t know, it just hit all the right notes for me. It’s got to be one of my favorite action movies. So my hopes were high for Rogue Nation and THEY WERE MET. This movie was twisty and left me guessing constantly. This is definitely going to be one I will want to watch over and over again like Ghost Protocol. Highly recommended!

Have you seen any of these movies yet? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Wow, I had heard that Inside Out was good, but I’m glad to hear the other two were excellent too. I was at least expecting MI not to be as good as Ghost Protocol… although I have actually not seen any of the MI movies! I need to get on that… I’m sadly out of the loop with a lot of films lately, but I do hope to watch these three some time – they all sound wonderful from your reviews!

  2. I still need to watch Inside Out! But I missed all the showings so now I’m waiting for it to show at the local, cheap theater. I am still not sure what the plot line will be, but I’ve heard that it is sad (??) so we’ll see!

    I’m glad you enjoyed these Amy!

  3. I’ve heard Rouge Nation is really good. I also liked the first few MIs, with the fourth being the stand out. I’m happy to hear Ant Man wasn’t a dud. I love Paul Rudd. I’ll probably watch Inside Out eventually…like if it comes to Starz which is the premium channel I get, or I’ll snag it from the library. Glad you enjoyed them all!

    • The only other thing I’ve see Paul Rudd is in Clueless, but he was probably my favorite character in it, so I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised to have liked him so much in Ant-Man too!

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