“So I Write it to the Sky”: The Wrath and The Dawn

It’s always a little intimidating going into a book with so much hype. And honestly, The Wrath and the Dawn started off slow for me. You are dumped into a whole new world with no background information or explanation as to what is happening or who any of the characters are. I spent probably the first 25% of the book trying to keep everyone straight and trying to figure out why I should care about any of them. I felt disconnected from all of them, but since I was reading this for book club, there was so much hype, and I wasn’t completely bored or uninterested, I kept reading. Thankfully, it really picked up for me.


Possibly because of this disconnection at the beginning, I didn’t believe in Shahrzad’s growing attraction towards Khalid at first. She hated him and she never really said anything positive about his looks (not negative either, but she didn’t seem to be drooling over him), so I didn’t understand why her heart would flutter around him early on in the story. Does she feel connected to him because of their marriage? Is there something else about him that evokes this in her, maybe even nervousness or fear? I would have liked to have gotten some more insight into Shahrzad’s thoughts, but we’re provided with very little. This disconnect in the beginning and how it affected my view of the characters is my definitely biggest complaint of the book.

However, as the story developed and I grew to understand the characters more through their words and actions, I did find myself caring more and more. And on the night when Shahrzad learns the truth about why Khalid does what he does, I was definitely a lot more on board with them as a couple and with the story as a whole.


The ending left me with a lot of questions, but I know most of them are definitely going to be brought up in the next book (since they’re mentioned in the synopsis), but one thing I really want to know is why Khalid sought Shahrzad out that first night, but never did with any of the other women. Because without him having done that, the rest of the story would never have happened. I really hope this comes up again, and wonder if this is somehow connected with her abilities she seems to have. Speaking of which, the element of magic and abilities was brought up later in the book than I personally felt it should have been. I wish we could have learned that about her earlier, as it seems to be an important part of her character.

The writing overall in this book was beautiful. It was written very cinematically; I could picture each scene in my mind with all the rich description given of setting, clothing, food, etc. There were multiple senses being evoked in each scene, yet I never felt it bogged down the pacing of the story, and that is masterful writing in my opinion.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and definitely plan to continue the series!


What are your thoughts on The Wrath and the Dawn? Was it slow for you at first too or did you fall in love right away? 

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  1. So glad you liked this one so much Amy! I completely agree with everything you’ve said here – the romance and writing in this book is gorgeous and amazing. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous review! <3

  2. I haven’t read this yet, but I know I really wanted to when it first came out! Now it is on my TBR but not super high on my list! I am looking forward to the writing though, it sounds gorgeous. I should probably get to this before the second book comes out though.

  3. Oh I need to read this already! I bought a copy because it was too beautiful not to, and it still stands on myself unread. I think your concerns and questions are well noted, and I’m glad to hear it in advance of going in.

  4. I’m still reading it Amy. Total fail for our deadline! I am feeling that disconnect you mentioned and everytime a new character is introduced I want to cry as it’s hard to keep track of them all. I enjoy the storytelling part though and am hoping that I’ll get more in to it if I keep at it.

    • I was frustrated every time there was a new character too, or when there was one I was pretty sure was introduced before but I couldn’t remember exactly! Hope you finally get into it!

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