Star Trek TNG Season 7: My Top 5 Fave Episodes

As my husband and I are going through our second full watch of Star Trek as a couple, I thought it would be fun to report on the highlights along the way. So I decided to copy the same format as Charlene at Bookish Whimsy, who is going through her first-ever run of Star Trek and sharing her favorite episodes for each season. To compare, see her top 5 favorite episodes of season seven of The Next Generation.

I have to say, I was kind of disappointed in TNG’s final season on this rewatch. I felt like many episodes reverted back to season one days (hello “Masks” and “Genesis”). However, there were some solid episodes, I do like the final scene of the series, and I liked how there was a little bit of interconnection with DS9 (more obvious to me this time around since I was watching them together). Here are my top 5 for TNG’s final season…

5. Thine Own Self


This episode isn’t a real standout, but I enjoyed seeing Data having to figure things out on his own, with alien people, when he had no memories and many were afraid of him. It was definitely an interesting look cultural interference and a good character study of Data.

4. All Good Things…


The TNG finale is mostly good. The time-hopping storyline is both interesting and a bit convoluted. But I do love the message at the end that we can do things today to change our future. (BTW, my favorite part besides the ending is Data’s future… with all those CATS! Darn you, Nemesis!)

3. Gambit, Parts 1 and 2


I like seeing Picard in a different element in these episodes, sort of like in last season’s Starship Mine.

2. Lower Decks


This episode is a very character-driven episode, but instead of spotlighting a cast character, it focuses on secondary characters, some that we have never even met before. The ending is also pretty sad for TNG, and feels kind of DS9ish overall.

1. Parallels


Sometimes parallel universe storylines frustrate me, but this one is interesting to me as it deals more with actual multiverse theory instead of one alternate timeline. And it’s so easy for me to paint Worf with one brush, but to see so many facets of him in this episode and for them to all feel true was really neat.

What are your favorite episodes of TNG season 7?

5 Responses to Star Trek TNG Season 7: My Top 5 Fave Episodes

  1. Oh goodness, already the last season! I don’t remember Parallels really, but then Worf was always the least appealing character on the show for me – I think I appreciate him more now from DS9 though. And of course would love to see him in the new series! I’m glad we agreed on three of the episodes! 😀

    And we’re on the same wavelength since I’m posting a Voyager update tomorrow! 🙂

    • I think I liked Worf more after DS9 as well.

      And funny! My DS9 season two post is actually scheduled for Wednesday, so that’s some back-to-back Trek goodness there! 🙂

  2. Nice list. Parallels was a pretty good one. I like those alternate universe stories. What did you think of the Worf/Troi pairing? I thought it was a little random but okay.

    • It definitely felt random to me too. I think I find it more palatable the second time, but I still prefer Troi and Riker. I once saw a picture of Worf and Troi with the caption: “It’s like Beauty and the Beast, except this time you’re rooting for Gaston.” I think that’s pretty accurate, lol.

  3. I have never fully watched season 7 but I’ve seen episodes here and there and of course the finale. I would like Lower Decks better if it wasn’t so sad 🙂 Parallels is weird to watch because it reminds me so much of Q-Squared by Peter David. I also like Gambit because, as you said, it’s interesting to see Picard in such a different role. Though, I don’t know if I can think of any other season 7 episodes…

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