One Paragraph Reviews: The Books & Movies Edition

The Shadow Queen by CJ Redwine


While I saw there were mixed reviews of The Shadow Queen, I really wanted to check it out, and was thankfully able to do so through my library rather than having to commit to buying it. Now that I’ve read it I am left to wonder why any YA fantasy fan wouldn’t enjoy it! I really enjoyed the characters, the pacing was mostly good, and while it was a retelling there were some pretty interesting and unique concepts. It’s not my new favorite ever, but I did really like it and look forward to the next book in this series!

The Long Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


Oh Jennifer Lynn Barnes, why do you torture me so?! So I loved this book just as much as its predecessor The Long Game, and it was filled with just as many twists and turns that really floored me. And though I did like Tess, Asher, and Henry in the first book, I grew even more fond of them in this book. And then… ugh, I won’t go there! Major spoiler! Let’s just say I simply need another book for more resolution, yet I don’t see one listed on Goodreads?! I NEED MORE.


Finding Dory


I love the way Honest Trailers said it best when referring to this movie: the sequel you hope will be more like Toy Story 3 and less like Cars 2. Finding Dory was cute, fun, and yes, emotional. It didn’t have the same magic for me as Finding Nemo, but it was still a good, solid story about Dory where we learn a lot about her and meet a few more fun characters. I will say that there were moments of this movie that felt a little outrageous for Pixar fare and almost more in Dreamworks’ territory (which is not a dis on Dreamworks, they just have a different philosophy for their animated movies), but again, these were minor quibbles I can forgive for the overall enjoyment of the movie.

Independence Day: Resurgence


I didn’t watch Independence Day in 1996, but at the point where enough years had passed where it seemed more cheesy in our modern age of movies. I have seen it again a few more times since then, and in that time, and especially in this last time I saw it in preparation for the sequel, I have grown fonder of it. In Resurgence, we see Earth has progressed in the 20 years since the aliens attacked, and we get to see many of the same characters and/or their children. There were a few different storylines that were eventually intertwined, much like its predecessor, and several new characters introduced, but I feel this was all well-developed. I especially enjoyed the President’s daughter and her fiance’s good friend Charlie (her fiance was Liam Hemsworth so he was… OK, actually, considering my natural prejudice towards Liam), and the other young, new characters. Overall, it’s not going to win Oscars and I did have a few issues with it, but it was a fun summer flick, and ultimately that was all I wanted from it.

If you’ve read either of these books or seen either of these movies, let me know what you thought of them! What’s been your favorite summer movie so far?

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  1. I have read a lot of mixed things about The Shadow Queen, as well, but I am still quite interested in reading it. I am always up for a retelling, especially if they bring something new to the table, which it seems this one does. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Amy!

    I haven’t heard of the other book you read, so I might have to have a look on Goodreads at the first book and see what it is all about.

    Finding Dory is definitely one that I will see on DVD, haha. I really did love Finding Nemo, but I never really understood why everyone wanted Finding Dory. I have heard mainly positive things about it, though, so hopefully it’s not a terrible sequel. There are too many of those.

    I haven’t seen the first Independence Day so Resurgence isn’t on my to watch list, but I’m glad it was enjoyable for you 😀

    • I do wonder if maybe The Shadow Queen was just really hyped up for some people. I went in hoping to enjoy but not expecting the best thing ever and I enjoyed it!

  2. How is Liam Hemsworth not the best thing about the new Independence Day?! Ok, I haven’t seen it and I know you have your prejudices 🙂 My sister did see it today and said a lot of the other actors were fairly terrible but Liam was good (she likes him and thinks he should have been cast as Peeta – I said he’s not soft enough to pull off Peeta’s hesitation and tenderness, especially in the first movie. But she also saw Liam in The Last Song and it’s been YEARS since I watched that). I’ll RedBox ID:R probably. I watched the first one so many times when it came out and loved it 🙂

    • I know you’re a big Chris Hemsworth fan, but I just have to say that he and Liam don’t do a lot for me (though I do like Chris a good bit more than Liam). I mean, I totally see that they’re attractive, but they’re not the “type” I prefer. When you see the movie I’ll be curious to hear more of your thoughts, but Liam’s character’s best friend Charlie is way interesting to me. Smart, quippy, good-hearted, and more in the cute category than in the classically handsome category. Like if you’ve seen National Treasure, he’s kind of like Riley, and I just love that archetype for whatever reason. I just really can’t imagine Liam as Peeta… Even if he could have sold the performance I don’t think his look is quite right for him.

  3. I haven’t seen Finding Dory yet which is terrible of me! I’m glad it has done so well though, Finding Nemo was such a great film, and I am curious to see how the Dory compares. I feel the same way as you about Independence Day Resurgence – good fun, not the greatest, but it delivers on it’s premise. But Brent Spiner was the best part of the sequel right? 😀

    • I actually found his character way too over the top for me. Believe me, I wanted to love him so much, but it was just too much zaniness for me I guess.

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