Movie Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

It’s been a while since I’ve really posted a review, especially a movie review, and I felt like sharing my thoughts on the MCU’s latest offering: Spider-man: Homecoming.

Spider-man: Homecoming is probably not going to be lauded by most as the best Marvel has to offer, but I think it’s safe to say most will consider it the best of Spider-man. Tom Holland nails his role as a nerdy and quirky Peter Parker, who is a total Hufflepuff by day, and Spider-man-with-training-wheels-but-doesn’t-know-it by night. Even if you feel burned-out on Spider-man after so many reboots, if you had any love for the character in Civil War I’d definitely recommend checking out Homecoming.

A few of my favorite things about the movie:

  • Peter’s such a good guy. He hasn’t been jaded and I love his pure enthusiasm. His main desire seems to be to do the right thing.
  • Peter’s not a perfect Spider-man. He really has to work to develop his abilities. 
  • High school awkwardness. So much on-point high school awkwardness and I loved it. 
  • Captain America PSAs. Enough said. 🙂
  • Peter’s friend Ned. Ned feels like such a real high school student, rather than a glamorized version of one, and I really appreciated that. Plus he is a good friend to Peter. 
  • Peter makes a choice that gives him a nice little arc. I don’t want to spoil anything, but Peter shows some maturity towards the end of the movie that I thought was a nice touch.

Also, not necessarily a favorite thing about the movie, but something I did appreciate, is that there isn’t really a romance. Peter does pine after a girl, but they never kiss or go on a real date, and at the end he doesn’t “get” her. It was refreshing and felt more realistic!

But it wasn’t perfect…

  • The villain. I appreciated a certain aspect that I won’t spoil, but overall he was really pretty boring. Villains that aren’t named Loki really are Marvel’s Achilles heel.
  • Really… that’s the main thing.

Right now I feel Marvel is trying to walk the tightrope between taking itself too seriously and being too light with their movies since Civil War. While I really liked the turn of Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron fell a little flat, and Civil War never completely worked for me, so I’m enjoying the levity. Right now, I’m enjoying the high-quality popcorn entertainment Marvel provides, but I am curious to see how this might ultimately tie together for a deeper storyline.

Have you seen the latest Spider-Man? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I keep hearing such good things about this movie! The trailer doesn’t have me convinced, though, haha. And besides, I really do love the original franchise (even the terrible third movie XD), and I really liked Andrew Garfield, too. I am almost out of Spider-Man love because I feel like they just keep trying to reboot his character when they feel like it’s not working anymore.

    I like the sound of no romance, though! The other Spider-Man movies have had a huge focus on romance so that’s refreshing.

    Is there an Uncle Ben in this one? I do not think I can handle another Uncle Ben death scene, my gosh.

    I will definitely end up seeing this movie because I watch all the Marvel movies, but I just can’t see it becoming a favourite. I’m glad you liked it, Amy!

  2. I am so with you in loving this movie. It’s easily my favorite Spider-man and maaayyybe even in my top 5 of Marvel movies. Definitely top 10. For all the reasons you mentioned – the humor – Tom Holland as goofy but still capable and figuring himself out but still awesome – Ned – nice high school no real romance crush. Love the line about villains not named Loki are Marvel’s achilles heel. You’re totally right.

    • I super love both Homecoming and Ant-Man because for both of them the whole movie is pretty light and funny, as opposed to having really heavy stuff in the movie that is glossed over with humor (like the latest Thor movie, which I enjoyed but don’t love for this reason).

      • That’s such an interesting perspective on Ragnorak! I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it’s true and it’s definitely an odd tonal choice.

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