Monthly Recap: November

Can you believe that it’s almost Christmas and the end of the year? It seemed unbelievable to me until I was thinking about the books I read early this year, and realized how long ago it seemed! Without further ado, my November…

Books I Read

Take A Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg

Flame in the Mist by …. (I technically finished this Dec. 2 but considering I only read one other book, give me this, OK?)

#bookstagram Image of the Month

After we put up the Christmas tree I decided to pull out my Nikon D7000 and try out a new theme for my bookstagram, and I’m really happy with it. I plan to stick with this look through December, though I am hoping come January I won’t lose my motivation to take higher quality pictures for Instagram.


Thor: Ragnarok, and really enjoyed it! I will say that Marvel is doing a lot of the same thing over and over again, yet it doesn’t bother me because they do it so well. I just really enjoy the character interactions, mostly. And have you seen the trailer for Infinity War? It got me pretty pumped to see how they will pull everyone and the various plot threads together (though *groan* for Scarlet Witch and Vision…).


While I technically didn’t win NaNoWriMo because I didn’t write 50K new words, I won it in my heart because I finished the first draft of my new story! Since I had written half of it already I only ended up with 26K for the month, but 53K overall. It’s a little shorter than I want because I tend to rush my story, so I’ll be fleshing it out more in revisions. It definitely needs work but I’m still happy with the story overall.

Other November Happenings

One highlight of November would have to be the day I spent with three of my good girl friends, all who were are moms The reason for pointing this out is to say that while I do see these friends on a fairly regular basis, I rarely get to hang out with them sans their kids, and while I do love their kids, it was great to just be the four of us again! We went to a place in town where you get to create your own wooden sign and had a great time! Here’s my final product:

And of course Thanksgiving was a highlight too, eating good food and spending time with my family.

Looking Forward to in December…

Christmas and all it entails!

I will also endeavor to write a few posts this blog, including my in-depth post about my trip to Savannah in September and my thoughts on the books I read this year.

How was your November? What are you looking forward to this month?

2 Responses to Monthly Recap: November

  1. Okay, I attempted to write a comment and of course the one time I don’t copy it before submitting the form doesn’t work and I lose it. Apologies in advance then that this will be shorter than originally written…

    Don’t feel bad about your short reading list for November. I only read A Flame in the Mist last month, and you know the reason behind that. I really need a book to suck me back into reading again. This year has been bad for my reading mojo.

    Your Instagram theme is super cute! It looks like you should be able to take photos in bulk so hopefully that helps you keep up with it. It always takes way more time/energy than people expect if they don’t take such photos. The struggle between wanting it pretty but not wanting to put such effort into it is definitely real.

    Even though you didn’t “win” NaNoWriMo, you are right to be proud! I hope you continue to love the story as you flesh it out.

    And my November was mostly uneventful, but I don’t mind that after the hecticness of the previous months. I’m hoping the rest of December is mostly the same so I can just enjoy my last few months home with my family! 

    • Re: Instagram – thanks so much! I’ve been enjoying it! The new shiny of the theme has worn off some for me but I’m trucking through it.

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