Dreamcast: The Scorpio Races

As far as I know, The Scorpio Races has not been optioned for film, but I thought it might be fun to make dreamcast anyway. (This may or may not be a new feature… it depends how often I am inspired to try it!) I thought this one would be relatively easy since it has a somewhat small cast of characters. I don’t have actors/actresses for every character, but included most of the main characters I believe.

Hailee Steinfield as Kate “Puck” Connolly – Logan Lerman as Sean Kendrick

hailee-loganSo yeah, I totally picked them as my Jo and Laurie for my Little Women dreamcast. I clearly like these two, and apparently I want to see them together on the big screen. I don’t think Hailee really looks the way I pictured Kate, but I think she would do a great job portraying her.

 Daniel Huttlestone as Finn Connolly – Freddie Highmore as Gabe Connolly

daniel-freddieI pretty much picked Daniel because I was looking for someone younger than Hailee that I have heard of, but he did a pretty job in Les Miserables! I haven’t seen much of Freddie Highmore since he’s grown up from his August Rush-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Finding Neverland days, but he’s still acting and I think he could play Gabe well.

Who Knows? So Many Possibilities for George Holly!

jgl-zachary-johnI love George Holly. And I really like all these actors (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zachary Levi, and John Krasinski) and can see each of them nailing this enthusiastic American trying to figure out Thisby Island and Sean Kendrick. Whose your pick out of these guys?

Lily Tomlin as Dory Maude

lily-tomlinLily Tomlin can do eccentric, and that’s what we need for Dory Maud.

Who would your choices be for the cast of The Scorpio Races if it became a movie? (Please feel free to cast characters I didn’t mention!) 


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  1. I love this as a (possible) (itinerant) feature!

    Lily Tomlin, I think, is a great idea as Dory Maud. I totally imaged the “kids” as older though. When I saw Hailee Steinfield and Logan Lerman my first thought was, “They’re like 12.” But they’re not. They just seem so young and I imagine these roles as closer to 21 than 16. Which is probably totally wrong, I honestly don’t remember their ages in the book. So, while I agree the actors you choose would probably give really good performances – it’d take some effort for me to wrap my head around the idea of the characters being in that age range 🙂

    • I think Logan Lerman is early early 20s and Hailee older teens. I figured that Kate and Sean are both older teens? I like the idea of casting people who are actually close in age to the characters instead of people who are like 10 years older!

  2. Amy, I love your blog! I love YA novels and am always looking for another good one to read. You are giving me some great options. And thanks for checking out my blog, it’s very new obviously 🙂

    • No problem, Emily! I know how tough it is to start a blog and try to get a readership going. 🙂 I hope you check out some of the books I mention because there are many great options in YA!

  3. I still haven’t read THE SCORPIO RACES, but I love this cast–it totally makes me want to read the book! And, I do love the idea of making this a new feature. 🙂

  4. I’ve never read Scorpio Races so I can’t even say whether or not these actors fit the characters, but OMG that picture of Logan Lerman. It’s too beautiful. O+O

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