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New Star Trek Show Dreamcast

News broke recently that a new Star Trek show is coming in 2017. Right now I’m more cautious that optimistic, especially considering it’s coming under less than ideal circumstances, as a show on a CBS subscription service. However, the good news is that it is not tied with the Star Trek reboot, and so hopefully this will be a continuation of the timeline we had with the other shows. Hopefully.

So considering all this, I decided to create the dreamcast I would like for the main roles in this new Star Trek show. I only chose actors and actresses, I haven’t figured out all their roles or what alien races would be (because I do think more than one of them should be something other than a human or super-similar-looking alien race (like Trill and Betazoid)), but just the core group of people I would like to see involved. With one exception that will be explained, I tried to pick people that, to my best knowledge, are not currently a cast member on another TV show.


Maggie Q: I do know that I would like to see her as the captain. I think it would help with the diversity of the captains of Star Trek in general, and I also think she would carry the role very well.

BJ Britt: I LOVED him on Agents of SHIELD. I’m still waiting for him to come back on every single week. I would love so much to see him be a cast member on the new Star Trek.

Seamus Dever: Seamus is currently gainfully employed on Castle, and I love his role on there. However, the show is running its course and I think it probably should be over by 2017. So if Seamus gets freed up, I would definitely love to see him on a new Star Trek show.

Alexis Bledel: Of course, Gilmore Girls is returning so I’m not completely sure if this would work, but if it could I would like to see her in Star Trek.

Jesika Nicole: I loved her on Fringe and it’s a shame she hasn’t done much since then. I think she would be great on Star Trek!

Karl Urban: If you’re willing to ignore the fact he’s already Dr. McCoy in the reboot, then so am I. I loved Karl Urban in the new Star Trek, in the TV show Almost Human, and really I just like his acting overall. Let’s hire this man!

And with regular guest appearances by…


Michael Dorn as Worf: As long as Michael Dorn is alive, it isn’t a Star Trek show unless he shows up as Worf (I’ll give Enterprise a pass since as least they were able to get Brent Spiner in). Michael Dorn has been lobbying for a show about Worf as a Captain, so what if he had a show run concurrently, and then made guest appearances onto this show? Imagine the possibilities!

Go forth CBS, and make my dreams happen! And don’t mess Star Trek up. Seriously.

Who would you like to see on a new Star Trek show? 

Dreamcast: Seraphina

Recently I decided to try my hand at dreamcasting a YA book as a possible new feature here on the blog, starting with The Scorpio Races. Due to my love for Seraphina, I decided I wanted to try my hand at dreamcasting it. There are a lot of characters in Seraphina and I feel I barely scratched the surface with my choices, but it’s hard to come up with so many people (and the right people)! But here’s what I did come up with…

Kaya Scodelario as Seraphina – Josh Hutcherson as Kiggs – AnnaSophia Robb as Princess Glisselda

kaya-josh-annasopI don’t feel the need to elaborate on any of these choices. I don’t care if Josh is Peeta; he can totally be Kiggs too. Moving on.

Jeffrey Combs as Orma

jeffrey-combsI’m sorry if you haven’t seen enough Star Trek (specifically Deep Space Nine and Enterprise) to know the awesomeness that is Jeffrey Combs. Here you see normal Jeffrey Combs to the left, and kinda creepy Jeffrey Combs to the right. I’ve just got to say this guy has got the range, the wit, the everything needed to play the often deadpan and ornery Orma. Other, more well-known possibilities I considered for Orma were Gary Oldham and Paul Bettany, both who would be great. But really, I love Jeffrey Combs.

Helena Bonham Cater as Lady Corongi

Helena-Bonham-CarterCrazy lady who (highlight for spoilers) is actually an old man dragon in disguise? Helena’s your woman!

Sam Claflin as Earl of Aspig

sam-clafinNeeds to be creepy to some and charismatic to others? Totally perfect for Finnick!

Michael Caine as Viridius

michael-caineMichael Caine has played Scrooge and Alfred and many personalities in between, so I think he would be fabulous as the well-meaning but often cantankerous Viridius.

There’s so many other characters but I just didn’t know how to cast them! Let me know if you have suggestions! How do you feel about the choices I made? 

Dreamcast: The Scorpio Races

As far as I know, The Scorpio Races has not been optioned for film, but I thought it might be fun to make dreamcast anyway. (This may or may not be a new feature… it depends how often I am inspired to try it!) I thought this one would be relatively easy since it has a somewhat small cast of characters. I don’t have actors/actresses for every character, but included most of the main characters I believe.

Hailee Steinfield as Kate “Puck” Connolly – Logan Lerman as Sean Kendrick

hailee-loganSo yeah, I totally picked them as my Jo and Laurie for my Little Women dreamcast. I clearly like these two, and apparently I want to see them together on the big screen. I don’t think Hailee really looks the way I pictured Kate, but I think she would do a great job portraying her.

 Daniel Huttlestone as Finn Connolly – Freddie Highmore as Gabe Connolly

daniel-freddieI pretty much picked Daniel because I was looking for someone younger than Hailee that I have heard of, but he did a pretty job in Les Miserables! I haven’t seen much of Freddie Highmore since he’s grown up from his August Rush-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Finding Neverland days, but he’s still acting and I think he could play Gabe well.

Who Knows? So Many Possibilities for George Holly!

jgl-zachary-johnI love George Holly. And I really like all these actors (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zachary Levi, and John Krasinski) and can see each of them nailing this enthusiastic American trying to figure out Thisby Island and Sean Kendrick. Whose your pick out of these guys?

Lily Tomlin as Dory Maude

lily-tomlinLily Tomlin can do eccentric, and that’s what we need for Dory Maud.

Who would your choices be for the cast of The Scorpio Races if it became a movie? (Please feel free to cast characters I didn’t mention!)