Bookish Wedding Inspiration: The Hunger Games

*Warning: Hunger Games trilogy spoilers below! But seriously, who hasn’t read these books yet?

I thought it might be fun to try creating themed wedding ideas based off of books, and how the main character’s wedding might look with our modern sensibilities, and thus, Bookish Wedding Inspiration was born! First I did Tiger Lily, and then The Grisha Trilogy (and Leigh Bardugo herself liked it on Tumblr! WHAT WHAT!), but today’s post is actually what I was inspired to do first, which is a wedding for Katniss and Peeta! I’ve collected so many pictures for this and I’m happy to finally share them with you all!


Bridal Look

The Dress

HG-bridal-gown-wtoo-vanessaLook guys, I can’t beat Cinna’s dress That’s probably what Katniss would really wear, or something simple. But if Katniss went dress shopping today, I think she might like this Watters gown. Flowers really play a big theme in the trilogy and they are something Katniss values, and while this is very nice dress, it’s also simplistic enough, not too frilly.

The Hair

HG-bridal-hairPicture source and hair tutorial here

Obviously a braid must be involved, and I just love this style.

The Accessories

I came up with quite a few ideas for accessories, and I certainly don’t think Katniss would implement all these at once, but here are some various options!

The Locket

HG-locketsLike the locket Peeta gave Katniss in Catching Fire, Katniss might want to have a locket with pictures of her her dad and Prim on the inside, to have them close to her on her special day. She might want to wear a locket (like this one with a Mockingjay pendant) or have one wrapped around her bouquet.

The Arrow

HG-arrowsObviously the arrow is important to Katniss, and there are many jewelry options, from bracelets (pictured, not pictured) to necklaces that can reflect this! Understandably, she might not choose this for her wedding day because it might remind her of the violence she endured, but I still really wanted to share these fun arrow accessories. (Fun fact: Black Widow wears this arrow necklace in Captain America: Winter Soldier!)

The Pearl

HG-single-pearl-necklaceAnd of course, who can forget the single black pearl that Peeta found in the second arena and gave to Katniss, and that she hung on to when she had lost him? This single black pearl on a strand would be a perfect symbol of their love.

The Bouquet

HG-bouquet1Image source

This bouquet goes along with the colors I had in mind for Katniss’ wedding: earthy colors with some orange (Peeta’s favorite) mixed in.

The Groom

HG-groom-lookI collected a few images that I thought could reflect a good groom’s look for Peeta, including cute bow and arrow cufflinks!

HG-couple-photo-2Image source

The Portraits

HG-couple-photo1Image source

HG-portraits1Image source

HG-portraits2Image source 1 and 2

The Location

HG-setting-treeImage source

I thought a wedding in the woods would be fitting, and isn’t this tree dynamic? It stands well on its own, or they could have a backdrop like so…

HG-bird-ceremonyImage source

The Food & Cake

HG-table-settingImage source for table spread and table setting with quote

Obviously, there would be bread. And hot chocolate (though it’s not pictured). I don’t think there would actually be Peeta quotes lying around, but I still wanted to include the picture. And of course, CAKE.

HG-food-cakeImage source

Hope you enjoyed The Hunger Games edition of Bookish Wedding Inspiration! What would you expect from Katniss and Peeta’s wedding?

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  1. This is another great post Amy! Perfect choices and so many wonderful details from the book worked in. Like I completely forgot about flowers being important to Katniss. And the black pearl! Gosh I need to reread these books. The wedding photos with the bow and arrow are so beautiful too!

    • I love the bow and arrow pictures too! I found some HG-inspired wedding shoots, but several of those pictures were actually from a Robin Hood themed one, but I thought it was quite appropriate!

    • I had an orange bridesmaid dress that I almost included in the post but felt it was long enough.But that would help bring out the orange in the bouquet even more. 🙂

  2. AHHHH oh my god this is literally the most perfect thing ever!!! Have I told you how much I love these posts? I know I have, like every time you do one, but seriously, I can’t get enough. And The Hunger Games?! Oh my gosh, I love it.

    THAT DRESS. So perfect. She would totally wear that.

    And I love the arrow jewelry and the black pearl and *swoon* everything is just EXACTLY how I would’ve pictured it, too.

    Love this so much <3

  3. Love, love, love. The black pearl is fab and I nearly forgotten about its significance. And the portraits with a hunting theme are perfect. Ohh and that cake! And the hair, of course a braid must be included.
    I think a career as a wedding planner beckons 🙂

  4. Hi! Love your blog! I’ve done some Hunger Games inspiration weddings on my blog as well, and it looks like we have some of the same images. Great post (did I mention I love your blog?)!!

    • Thanks! Doing wedding inspiration posts can be so fun but I haven’t seen a lot of other blogs do them, so that’s awesome you’ve done some for HG too!

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