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Bookish Wedding Inspiration: The Start of Me and You

I thought it might be fun to try creating themed wedding ideas based off of books, and how the main character’s wedding might look with our modern sensibilities, and thus, Bookish Wedding Inspiration was born! This is my second contemporary to do for Bookish Wedding Inspiration, and I’m so excited to share the plethora of ideas that I came up with Paige and Max’s inevitable wedding after finishing The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord. Feel free to see my fangirling review here.


For this wedding, I wanted to draw upon several favorite things of Max and Paige’s: books and learning, TV shows, and airplanes. I was amazed by some of the creative ways I found other couples incorporate these very same elements into their wedding day! But first, what look would Paige pick for her big day?

Bride and Groom Look

The Dress


Paige strikes me as the type who would go for simple, classic elegance, and I think this Jenny Yoo dress delivers.

The Accessories


Paige likes purple tulips and pastel nail polish, so obviously both would be a part of her big day.

The Groom’s Look


I picture Max going with the traditional black tux look, with some Firefly cufflinks to add that nerdy touch.

The Bridesmaids


To go with Paige’s purple flowers, I decided on this simple but cute purple bridesmaid dress from Jenny Yoo. No doubt her two best girl friends from The Start of Me and You would be by her side, and I’m sure there would be a couple of new friends from college standing up there with her too.



These cute book themed invitations reflect the love Max and Paige have for books.


The Engagement Pictures

Paige and Max would obviously have to do book/library-themed engagement pictures, like so…



Bridal Portraits 




Clearly, Paige would have to pose with a copy of Pride and Prejudice.


…and with an airplane. When I saw this wedding, I almost made the venue for Max and Pagie’s wedding an airplane hangar, but in the end I decided against the actual wedding taking place there, but thought for sure they would find one nearby to take some pictures before or after their nuptials.

Groom Portrait



Isn’t this picture just so Max?

Ceremony & Reception

Ceremony Venue


Instead of the aforementioned airplane hangar idea, I decided to go with an outdoor ceremony, with a paper airplane backdrop like above, along with other fun airplane details, like their programs and send-off.




Reception Details

While the ceremony has plane details, for the reception I see more focus on books and TV shows the couple enjoy together, plus some school-themed additions reflecting their high school romance. I also picture the reception inside.





The Cakes


I thought this cake with book script was beautiful and fitting for the traditional wedding cake. And for the groom’s cake…



Of course.

I hope you enjoyed this latest installment of Bookish Wedding Inspiration! What would you like to see at Paige and Max’s wedding? And did this make anyone want to read or reread the book, because I kind of want to reread it after doing this. 🙂

Bookish Wedding Inspiration: Magnolia

I thought it might be fun to try creating themed wedding ideas based off of books, and how the main character’s wedding might look with our modern sensibilities, and thus, Bookish Wedding Inspiration was born! This is my first time to do a bookish wedding post for a contemporary, which was kind of nice for once because I didn’t have to worry about time period, just personalities and setting!

bookish-weddingBride and Groom Look

The Tux and Dress

bride-dressDress Source

I spent a lot of time narrowing down a lot of beautiful dresses, trying to find something that was classic, elegant, and had a touch of vintage. Ultimately, I felt this picture was really just the whole package for Jemma and Ryder. I think it definitely evokes the feeling of a classic Southern wedding.

Bridal Veil

bride-veilI feel that Jemma would refashion a vintage veil, and perhaps end up with something like this Juliet cap style veil.

The Bouquet


I thought it would be fitting for Jemma to carry a magnolia bouquet, and I found this one simple magnolia that I felt would be perfection for her.

The Boutonierre

Lisa Lefkowitz, Snippet & InkSource

And of course, Ryder needs a magnolia too.

The Bridesmaids



I felt that with Jemma’s taste for retro styles, these Alfred Sung dresses from Nordstrom would be a good fit. I figured with five bridesmaids, they could each have a different style, like above, but all in the same champagne color. (Yes, they’re all supposed to be the same color, but we all know after that blue/black/gold/white dress incident that the appearance of colors can be deceiving.) Anyhow, I love how these dresses have a classic look with just a dash of an early 60’s feel to them. Plus they look like they would be great for wearing at a Southern spring or summer wedding!


bridesmaid-bouquetAnd to go with their champagne dresses, I envision the bridesmaids carrying bouquets of champagne hydrangeas.

The Portraits


www.sunglowphotography.comSource for bridal and wedding party portraits

The Venue


For whatever reason, I picture the ceremony at Jemma and Ryder’s home church, and the reception outside, probably at one of their family’s houses. These pictures really evoked Southern charm for me, I mean, check out those stained-glass windows, that willow, and those magnolia leaves on the table!

Reception Details


lightingI love quaint lighting, and I thought this magnolia chandelier and these mason jar lights would both set the mood nicely for Jemma and Ryder’s wedding reception.

Place Setting


The Cakes

cakesMagnolia wedding cake/Groom’s cake

I loved how this cake had the same simplicity of the magnolia bouquet I chose for Jemma, and then how perfect is this cake for Ryder and his love of astronomy? Except the flavor would be caramel cake, his favorite.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of bookish wedding inspiration! What would you expect at Jemma and Ryder’s wedding? 

Bookish Wedding Inspiration: Leviathan Trilogy

There are minor spoilers for the Leviathan trilogy below.

Once upon a time, I thought it might be fun to try creating themed wedding ideas based off of books, and how the main character’s wedding might look with our modern sensibilities, and thus, Bookish Wedding Inspiration was born! This time I wanted to create a wedding for Deryn and Alek. After TWO WHOLE BOOKS of Alek thinking Deryn is a boy named Dylan, in the third book he finally learns who she is, and finds himself falling for her the way she has already fallen for him. This series was my first (and only, so far) foray into alternate history/steampunk and it created a very interesting picture of a different WWI, and I would recommend it if that sounds the least bit interesting to you!

When researching possibilities for this post, I considered the time period, the alternate world/steampunk element, and of course the characters themselves. Hope you enjoy what I created!

lev-inspirationBridal Look

The Dress (Sort Of)


Deryn’s not big on dresses, and while I considered some dress options, ultimately, I thought this was the most fitting: a white, military style coat that can also function as a dress, over riding pants. If you check out the source link, you’ll see just how many military-style, wedding-appropriate options there were from the 2006 fall Dolce and Gabanna line! I thought quite a few of the outfits could work for Deryn on her wedding day, but ultimately, I thought this was the best choice.

Bridal Accessories

lev-bridalaccessoriesHairpiece/Steampunk necklace

This headpiece evokes the 1920s (I assume this is close to the time Deryn and Alek would marry) and simple elegance. It would also look great on the short hair that Deryn no doubt would be sporting. I love the idea of accessories that evoke the travels Deryn and Alek have embarked on together.

The Bouquet

lev-bouquetsSource for second bouquet

At first I wanted a simple bouquet, and was inspired by a picture of a wedding on Downton Abbey to go with a few calla lilies. But then I thought, in Deryn and Alek’s world they may have some exotic plant life that we don’t have, plus, it does seem like Deryn would want more personality in her bouquet, if she was even interested in a bouquet. So basically we have the classic choice that probably reflects Alek more than Deryn, and then the more exciting choice that reflects Deryn. Let me know which you prefer!

The Groom

lev-groomlookOutfit/Compass cufflinks

Alek of course would need to be dressed in a nice, classic sort of style, and I also wanted it to be along the same vein of Deryn’s outfit. I guess I decided they’re getting married in the winter, since they both have coats! And while I suppose Alek wouldn’t need cufflinks if he was wearing a coat, I like these compass ones nonetheless.

The Location/The Portraits


So when I pictured the sort of place where Deryn and Alek might marry, I pictured a sort of city hall kind of place, a small wedding with just their close friends. I found some great pictures from a couple different weddings at the San Francisco City Hall (built in the 1920’s, I might add) and felt they perfectly fit the bill.





The Sweets


For some reason, this particularl tower of treats seemed like a fitting way to celebrate Alek and Deryn’s marriage!

What would you expect to see at Deryn and Alek’s wedding?

Bookish Wedding Inspiration: The Hunger Games

*Warning: Hunger Games trilogy spoilers below! But seriously, who hasn’t read these books yet?

I thought it might be fun to try creating themed wedding ideas based off of books, and how the main character’s wedding might look with our modern sensibilities, and thus, Bookish Wedding Inspiration was born! First I did Tiger Lily, and then The Grisha Trilogy (and Leigh Bardugo herself liked it on Tumblr! WHAT WHAT!), but today’s post is actually what I was inspired to do first, which is a wedding for Katniss and Peeta! I’ve collected so many pictures for this and I’m happy to finally share them with you all!


Bridal Look

The Dress

HG-bridal-gown-wtoo-vanessaLook guys, I can’t beat Cinna’s dress That’s probably what Katniss would really wear, or something simple. But if Katniss went dress shopping today, I think she might like this Watters gown. Flowers really play a big theme in the trilogy and they are something Katniss values, and while this is very nice dress, it’s also simplistic enough, not too frilly.

The Hair

HG-bridal-hairPicture source and hair tutorial here

Obviously a braid must be involved, and I just love this style.

The Accessories

I came up with quite a few ideas for accessories, and I certainly don’t think Katniss would implement all these at once, but here are some various options!

The Locket

HG-locketsLike the locket Peeta gave Katniss in Catching Fire, Katniss might want to have a locket with pictures of her her dad and Prim on the inside, to have them close to her on her special day. She might want to wear a locket (like this one with a Mockingjay pendant) or have one wrapped around her bouquet.

The Arrow

HG-arrowsObviously the arrow is important to Katniss, and there are many jewelry options, from bracelets (pictured, not pictured) to necklaces that can reflect this! Understandably, she might not choose this for her wedding day because it might remind her of the violence she endured, but I still really wanted to share these fun arrow accessories. (Fun fact: Black Widow wears this arrow necklace in Captain America: Winter Soldier!)

The Pearl

HG-single-pearl-necklaceAnd of course, who can forget the single black pearl that Peeta found in the second arena and gave to Katniss, and that she hung on to when she had lost him? This single black pearl on a strand would be a perfect symbol of their love.

The Bouquet

HG-bouquet1Image source

This bouquet goes along with the colors I had in mind for Katniss’ wedding: earthy colors with some orange (Peeta’s favorite) mixed in.

The Groom

HG-groom-lookI collected a few images that I thought could reflect a good groom’s look for Peeta, including cute bow and arrow cufflinks!

HG-couple-photo-2Image source

The Portraits

HG-couple-photo1Image source

HG-portraits1Image source

HG-portraits2Image source 1 and 2

The Location

HG-setting-treeImage source

I thought a wedding in the woods would be fitting, and isn’t this tree dynamic? It stands well on its own, or they could have a backdrop like so…

HG-bird-ceremonyImage source

The Food & Cake

HG-table-settingImage source for table spread and table setting with quote

Obviously, there would be bread. And hot chocolate (though it’s not pictured). I don’t think there would actually be Peeta quotes lying around, but I still wanted to include the picture. And of course, CAKE.

HG-food-cakeImage source

Hope you enjoyed The Hunger Games edition of Bookish Wedding Inspiration! What would you expect from Katniss and Peeta’s wedding?

Bookish Wedding Inspiration: The Grisha Trilogy

*WARNING!* This post does contain spoilers for Ruin and Rising.

GT-inspiration3After finishing Ruin and Rising, I got pretty excited about doing a new bookish wedding inspiration post for it. And of course, since there is an actual wedding described in the epilogue, it made it both easier (I know what to look for!) and harder (limitations!) to gather pictures for this post.

The hard part was finding suitable attire for this bookish wedding inspiration. I wanted to draw from the book as much as possible and make it feel like this could be the wedding in the book, and yet, the setting of the book versus the world we live in can make this difficult. I tried various searches on different types of dresses and attire that could work for a slightly more casual wedding, and also focused mostly on the season of winter, because for some reason I think Alina and Mal’s wedding took place in the winter. So first, let me get some of those pictures out there, just in case you were curious what I found.

GT-winter-attireSources: red couplebride and groom with cap, cardigan over dress, groomsmen with sweaters, and blue bride with coat

I almost went with the coat over the dress in the top right corner as the look for Alina. After all…

The bride wore no kokochnik, no dress of gold.

So with that in mind, I figured she didn’t have the chance to properly go dress shopping. But guys, GUYS, I found the most amazingly perfect Grisha-looking wedding dress (at least in my opinion) that I think also fits well with modern sentiment. So with that it mind, I present…

Bridal Look

The Dress

Gt-bride-dress2When I saw this Temperly London dress, there was really no turning back. It may not fit the sentiment of the simple wedding Alina and Mal shared, but STILL! It just screamed Grisha to me. I could not NOT share it.

The Hair

GT-hairI presume Alina’s hair was back to white by the time she and Mal tied the knot, and since Mal mentioned very specifically wanting to see a white veil in her hair, I thought combining the white hair updo with this simple veil might be a look worn by Alina on her big day.

The Accessories

GT-accessoriesI honestly don’t know what the deal with the driftwood crown is, but it was mentioned in the book (“He had to stand on a chair to hold the driftwood crows above their heads as the blessings were said”), so I Googled for one and found the image on the bottom right. For Alina’s bridal accessories, I decided to go with a simplistic sun theme as a reminder of her recent past, including this sun-inspired ring and sun charm necklace.

The Groom

GT-groomI don’t know what Mal would wear, and it probably wouldn’t even be this, but I was looking for something nice but laid back and not black. This guy also looks a little bit like I picture Mal (though Mal is probably a little more muscular?), so there was also that. It’s hard to follow up that dress.

The Location

A chapel stood on the coast of West Ravka, south of Os Kervo, on the shores of the True Sea. It was a quiet place, where the waves came nearly to the door. The whitewashed walls were laden with shells, and the dome that floated above the altar looked less like the heavens than the deep blue well of the sea.

GT-seaside-chapelWhen I first started looking for images for the proper white chapel for this wedding, I immediately thought of the Interfaith Chapel in Seaside, FL, which I saw (the outside, not the inside) when I visited there. It seems like just the right size, and I love the way the way it is decorated in the left photo, because it makes me think of the stag’s antlers and just the trilogy in general. But then I reread this part of the epilogue and looked for some more chapel pictures that might be slightly more fitting.

GT-bluedomechapelPhoto source for top picture

These three pictures are not actually of the same place, but we’ll pretend they are. 🙂

The Cake

GT-cakeEven the smallest of weddings deserve a little cake. This is the sort of simple cake that I imagine Alina and Mal might have celebrated their marriage with.

What would you expect from the Ruin and Rising wedding, or at one inspired by it?