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Note: This movie seems to suffering from a title identity crisis, because in some places I’ve seen it’s called Live. Die. Repeat., which to my knowledge, is/was the tagline. I like the name Edge of Tomorrow better, and that’s the title the movie was originally presented to me as, and what it was titled as in the credits, so that is what I am calling it. 

sfm_banner_02b (1)Between my disappoint with Tom Cruise’s sci-fi flick Oblivion and not hearing too much (positive or negative) about this movie, I went in with somewhat low expectations, but hoping I would enjoy it. Thankfully, Edge of Tomorrow proved to be a well-told (not tiring) loop story with fascinating science fiction elements, featured in a world I wanted to learn more about, and with two protagonists I cared about.

edge_of_tomorrowAt the opening we see that the world is at war with aliens who have come here and invaded us. The focus isn’t on the aliens, though they are the reason the loop occurs. I won’t give away all the details with that plot element, but Rita acquired the ability to loop from a previous battle with the aliens, and then Cage acquires it this time around. And with this looping comes the objective to completely dismantle the aliens to where they lose the war and, hopefully, Cage nor anyone else will have to relive the bloody slaughtering over and over again.

Cage is not the most sympathetic character at first, which is intentional, but he certainly becomes one as he is forced to relive this battle over and over again, and then is finally able to train with and talk to Rita and they get further into their mission. Of course everything we see is abbreviated, but based on what we hear, I think it’s safe to say that Cage has to go through these couple of days for at least a year’s worth of time. Can you imagine how tiring that would be? Thankfully, they portrayed that as well. Cage is not a born hero. Rita isn’t either. They have been put in circumstances in which they are forced to survive and hopefully save the world.

I appreciated that the repeated content never grew stale, but Catge’s different choices and reactions helped make it always feel new. This can definitely be a problem with loop stories, and luckily this one was well-handled.

I don’t have any real complaints,  though my initial reaction to the ending made me go, “What?! That’s it?!” because it was quite abrupt. But really, what would have been the point of dragging it out at that point? Did I want this movie to turn into The Return of the King or something? Overall, the movie was definitely worth a watch, and I found it enjoyable and thought-provoking.

4stars2Have you seen Edge of Tomorrow? What are your thoughts?


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  1. I loved this movie. And it is based on a book called All You Need is Kill, which I actually would have preferred as the title (the movie was called that in Japan though, where the author is from and the book was first published). I’m a big Emily Blunt fan, so that added to this movie’s enjoyment for me, but I also thought it was pretty funny. They took great advantage of the repeat scenes, which could have been tiring.

    • Oh interesting! Have you read the book? I was wondering how the two compared. I don’t think I’ve seen Emily Blunt in much else, if anything else, but I liked her in this!

  2. Yeah – the marketing for this film was horrible. And it actually got a lot of good reviews when it was released theatrically. But the studio had no idea what to do with it and the re-title for home video was a bad idea.

    I agree, I liked how the looping didn’t get stale or repetitive but you got the sense of him doing it a lot. I really liked Rita as a character and I enjoyed how the story played out. though, I think it was the cuts at the end that made it seem so abrupt. If they’d let it play out a little bit more smoothly, one scene leading into the next instead of the cuts they used when he was looping, I think it would have been more satisfying.

    • I always hate when they drop the ball on marketing a film that is good.

      I think you make a good point about the cuts! A smoother edit probably would have made a difference!

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