The Top 10 Star Trek Characters I’d Want With Me on a Deserted Planet

It’s happened on many an episode of Star Trek… you crash land on a planet and… now what? There are usually dangers involved… generally weird alien life forms… some friendly and some not… and of course you want a top-notch group of folks to help you get through it. I got this idea months ago after doing a Top Ten Tuesday topic on the book characters I would want with me on a deserted island. But when Star Trek characters are involved, it’s got to be a deserted planet! Will we be able to make it home? I think with this crew we can…

sfm_banner_02b (1)This list is in no particular order…

1. Spock 

SpockHe’s obviously the logical choice. Spock’s intelligence would come very much in handy while on a deserted planet.

2. Ezri

Ezri_arrivalOut of all the characters in all the series of Star Trek, Ezri is the one I feel I could be BFF’s with, so I need her to keep me company on the planet. (Note to Charlene: Do not Google Ezri – it will only end in major spoilers!)

3. Chakotay

chakoty-resolutionsThe man will build you a bathtub, simply because you miss bathtubs. Or maybe he’ll only do that for Janeway. I don’t know, but his deserted planet building skills would come in handy!

4. Trip

trip-tuckerI love Trip’s personality, and he would try to keep the mood upbeat. Also, he should be able to fix our abandoned ship in no time.

5. Scotty

tos_scottyScotty and Tripp would make a dynamic duo for fixing things, plus I love Scotty’s no-nonsense attitude!

6.  Picard

picardSomeone’s gotta be in charge, and I think Picard might be able to handle this situation the best.

7. Troi

Marina_Sirtis_TNGIt’s easy to become frazzled while on a deserted planet, so Troi’s counseling could come in handy.

8. Dr. Bashir

bashirWe need a doctor, and I’m picking Dr. Bashir because he’s my favorite.

9. Data (+Spot)

spot-dataAs an android, Data can do things the rest of us humanoids can’t do. Plus, he’s knowledgeable and entertaining and he has an awesome cat.

10. Phlox

BILLINGSLEYPhlox is… eccentric… but he is also a doctor, plus knows a lot about animals and plants (mostly in terms of medicinal use) that might come in handy. I think he would also help generate a positive attitude on the planet.

Which Star Trek characters would you want to be with you if stranded on a deserted planet?

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  1. I only have one: Tom Paris. So we can get it on lizard style or something. Lol. Seriously though, huuuuuge crush. Probably one of my favorite ST characters, and I’ll blame the fact that I was in middle school and clearly had a thing for rebel pilots with warp core blue eyes.

  2. I would choose,Tuvok, Seven of Nine and The Doctor! With those three I am pretty sure I have a good chance to survive and enjoy my time there. Maybe Neelix so we have something to eat as well.
    Although I agree Chakotay is a greaat pick as well, I really enjoyed that episode were he made Janeway a bathtub. I still hope they’ll end up together, but then again I seem to keep shipping characters together, but there hasn’t been much romance yet. I am currently watching Star Trek Voyager and haven’t watched any of the other seasons yet, so I don’t know the other characters you mentioned.

    • I was about to say, you’re a big Voyager fan, but that makes sense if it’s the only Star Trek show you’ve watched! Tuvok, Seven of Nine,and The Doctor would also be good choices!

  3. All I want to do is google Ezri, haha. Is she in DS9? I’m beginning Season 4 now, hope I won’t have too long to go! (by the way, just watched ‘The Visitor’ today and ugly cried – it was so good!) Of the characters I’m familiar with in your list, I highly agree with your choices. You have enough smart and technically skilled people to fix the ship, so you should be off the planet in no time! I was wondering what would your role be on the ship – what job would you like to have? I would definitely want to be a science officer. 🙂

    • Perhaps a counselor? I minored in psychology and I feel that’s the only Star Fleet-esque skill I could really educate myself in and use.

      I am actually a black sheep when it comes to The Visitor… almost everyone loves it but I didn’t care for it! I’m actually hoping I change my mind when I watch it again.

      Ezri comes in season 7, and that’s all I’m saying…

      • Ah ship’s counselor – that’s a great choice. And it seems like a great job too – not as dangerous as… well maybe it’s all dangerous on the Enterprise. 😀 Aw, well I hope you will find you like The Visitor more on rewatch – I was really touched by it and I enjoyed the time travel aspect – reminded me of The Time Traveler’s Wife but with filial love.

        Season 7! Dang, that’s a way’s away! I guess I just need to watch faster! 🙂

        • Yeah, I think part of my issue with it is that any episode that focuses on Jake’s writing annoys me for reasons I can’t really explain. I also have a hard time with stories where you see people wasting their lives away like that… which is probably a big reason why I’m also a black sheep when it comes to It’s A Wonderful Life… it’s just not my favorite kind of storyline.

  4. Such a fun idea. I am sadly not familiar enough with some of these characters – but I’d agree with the TNG characters so I’ll totally go with you on the others 🙂 Chakotay, especially, seems like a good choice. Picard and Data definitely. Though, I think I’d want to choose Dr. Crusher. maybe. Pulaski would make sure everyone survived but I don’t know that she’d be that much fun to have around.

  5. Let’s see: Leeta, T’Pol, Seven of Nine, Ezri,… I’m kidding. Still, Seven would probably actually be an asset for some sort of escape. You got a good list.

  6. Pretty great list of characters, although I’m not too familiar with the ones from Enterprise (yet). Ezri, however, I have issues with because of her name (Google Esri and maybe you’ll understand why, lol). I think I’d keep most of those, but I’d swap out a couple for Tuvok and Seven of Nine. 🙂

      • Yeah, just every time someone says Ezri it makes me laugh, lol. I like the character, but the name keeps throwing me off. Plus, I liked Jadzia better. 🙁

        • They didn’t have as much of a chance to develop Ezri as they did Jadzia, clearly, so I can understand that. I do like some things about Jadzia better but I think what I really like about Ezri is I can relate to her personally more than any other character on Star Trek.

      • I get that, for sure. It sucks that she only got one season of development. I still think they did a good job with her. And I just missed the awesomeness that was Worf+Jadzia.

        • I liked Worf and Jadzia well enough, but I had always shipped Jadzia with Bashir. But then after seeing season 7, I definitely thought that Ezri and Bashir were a lot better together though than Jadzia and Bashir would have been.

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