Mini Book & Movie Reviews: Fairest, The Half-Blood Prince, and The Theory of Everything

The Books


This backstory on Queen Levena was certainly illuminating. You can understand why, with the family that she has, that she would turn out so twisted, but that certainly does not excuse what she does. What she did to Evret Hayle made me extremely uncomfortable, and I was so sad for him and Winter and everyone else who was really involved. It was also really interesting though to see how everything tied in, and I think that helped me enjoy this book a little more. I think this is definitely an interesting addition to The Lunar Chronicles and have to hand it to Marissa Meyer for not pulling any punches with Levena’s character.

Rating: 4 stars

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

So I rated this one 4.5 stars on Goodreads, and I stand by that rating, but this has been one of the more forgettable books for me so far I think. I mean, what happens? Going to class, SNOGGING (I hate that word so much, especially since it sounds make up, but I guess it’s British?), Harry trying to spy on Malfoy, more snogging, Dumbledore sessions, and then SADNESS. Yeah, I had not been spoiled on that so I did not see that coming.

Ron was ridiculous in this book. I mean, I know he’s a teenage boy but wow, I wanted to rattle him. And then Ginny. I thought I was supposed to like Ginny? Actually, I did like her in the end and what she says to Harry, but I don’t like the Ginny who makes out in public and yells at Ron about it and just acts annoying. I was thinking what the heck does Harry see in her? And not only that, but I don’t feel Harry having feeling for her, I’m just told that he does. I’m not buying into the Harry-Ginny or the Ron-Hermione romances the way I hoped I would.

But I adore Luna. And I did like this book, overall, it just mostly feels like another stepping stone to the grand finale.

Rating: 4.5 stars

The Movies

minireviews-hptheoryHarry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

This is definitely my second favorite movie of the series so far now, as I felt it did a much better job of sticking with the highlights and not making too many unnecessary changes, except for a couple of glaring exceptions. First, what the heck was with them burning the Weasleys’ house?! And then that’s it, no follow up?! Maybe it will make sense to me later, but right now I’m just perplexed. That’s a big thing to just add in there! And then of course there’s Ginny…

I’ve seen where a lot of people complain about movie Ginny, which at first I wasn’t understanding, because, as I mentioned before, I found her kind of annoying in the book, and she seemed sweet in the movies, including this one… UNTIL IT GOT WEIRD. What was with her in the Room of Requirement when she’s like, “Close your eyes,” and kissing Harry and “I can stay if you’d like me to.” I mean, really?! That was the weirdest crap ever.

But I loved that scene with Harry and Hermione when she asks Harry how it feels to see Ginny with Dean, and he responds to her crying, “Like this.” So sweet. And I liked Luna saving Harry in the beginning, not that I had a problem with Tonks doing it in the book, but this way we got less Snape and more Luna. (I HATE THAT MAN.)

Rating: 4 stars

The Theory of Everything

This movie was not what I expected. No doubt that Eddie Redmayne did a phenomenal job playing Stephen Hawking, but I felt very hollow at the end. I didn’t feel I really got the “point” of the movie, and all the triumph in Hawking outliving his life expectancy is overshadowed by the brokenness of his family. If you’re expecting this movie to simply be a feel-good love story of Stephen and Jane and how they deal with Stephen’s conditions, then you’ll find yourself as disappointed as I was. This story ends with the deterioration of their marriage, which made me just feel sad for them, even more so than the diagnosis had.

Rating: 3.5 stars

What are your thoughts on any of these books and/or movies?

18 Responses to Mini Book & Movie Reviews: Fairest, The Half-Blood Prince, and The Theory of Everything

  1. The Theory of Everything is probably the most depressing movie I’ve seen in a while D: that was not what I signed up to watch, and I’m really glad I only paid $4 for my ticket!

    I actually find that Half Blood Prince is always my least favorite when I reread/rewatch the series. It’s exactly what you said: the stepping stone to the finale. But the FINALE – it’s perfection <3

    • I’m glad my husband and I weren’t the only depressed ones, though I’m also sorry you were depressed from it too! We rented it from Redbox so thankfully not too much money gone. But seriously marketing people, that was way too misleading!

  2. Wow, I think I’ve forgotten mostly everything about Half Blood Prince except for the heartbreaking ending! I really need to reread these books. So exciting to know that you are going on to the final chapter now- it’s so epic.
    Oh noes, Snape is one of my favorites! Heh, probably it has a lot to do with Alan Rickman. 😀

    • I honestly don’t see redemption being possible at this point for Snape. He’d have to do something ridiculously wonderful. If I want Alan Rickman, I’ll just watch Galaxy Quest. Oh, have you seen that? Lots of Star Trek nods! 🙂

  3. I totally agree that the chemistry between Harry and Ginny just wasn’t there. I think part of the problem is that we don’t see too much of their interactions in the book that would create chemistry. The time at the burrow is more or less blurred over, since the primary thing is about destroying He Who Must Not Be Named.

    I still don’t understand why they just randomly put that scene with the burrow getting destroyed in there. It’s almost like the director was like: we need more action! Or something like that. 🙂

    • Yeah, it sounds like most of Harry’s feelings for Ginny came from their summer spent together, which was completely glossed over, and then there is mention of her being funny at Qudditch practice but we don’t actually get to see it.

      I wondered if that scene was actually from Deathly Hallows, but I guess not! Just randomly added in! So strange!

  4. Your review for Fairest pretty much sums up my thoughts too. I loved that MM didn’t hold back on too how horrible Levana is but still showed us just how she got to be that way.
    And I love Luna too both in the books and the movies 🙂

  5. I didn’t like the idea of Harry/Ginny at first, but they grew on me. I was always a Harry/Luna shipper.

    I LOVE the 6th book. It and the finale are easily my favorites. I’m curious to hear if you have any speculation on the 7th. A lot of my guesses for how things would play out and ended up being spot on, including several pieces of Snape speculation, so I’m wondering if your fresh perspective lines up too. 🙂

    I always love seeing people watch or read and make guesses. Harry Potter and Babylon 5 are probably my favorites to see how people react and postulate. 🙂

    • I have like zero ideas about the last book, other than I am pretty sure a few good people are going to die, because I think I remember catching whiff of a few spoilers like that (though I try so hard to forget them right away). I’ve been thinking about Snape but I still haven’t figured him out. I know there’s a history with him and a lady but I have no idea how that’s going to play out into the larger story or anything. I also don’t know how he can be redeemable so I am really curious. I also accidentally saw a single name on the last page of the last book when I was looking at the page count, and let’s just say that really left me intrigued and confused, ha.

      Basically, all I know is that Harry is going to finish off Voldemort.

  6. For some reason HBP is one of my favorites of the series. I loved all the “getting to know Voldemort” scenes and discovering his past. For some reason that really stuck with me. I liked that Rowling included all the romance stuff, but I’m like you… I never really felt the romance between Harry and Ginny. And Snape… yeah, still not a fan, no matter what the final outcome w/ him was!
    Haven’t seen The Theory of Everything but sad that it wasn’t what you’d hoped it would be!

  7. I’m so glad you watched the movie of half Blood Prince because I enjoy it so much more than the book. I really like the history in the book and the glimpses you get into deeper things of the past. Everything else I pretty much forget.

    But the movie is my second favorite. Like you, I love that scene with Hermione and Harry. It’s well balanced with action and fun but still all the Harry Potter stuff. I missed some of the depth in the history lessons even though I think they did the right thing in how they streamlined it. And, yeah, several of the scenes with Ginny were just weird. I had another friend who didn’t like the house on fire thing. There’s no follow up to it in later movies. They needed some action and so there you go. Like the trimming of the history I didn’t mind it so much. But I think it’s awesome you weren’t spoiled on the end. That hurt more in the book than it did in the movie, but maybe because I was expecting it…

    • Actually, the reason why I really wanted to read each book before watching each movie is because you usually “feel” these things deeper from books that movies (or at least movie adaptations), and even if it hurt more I wanted to experience from the book first. My husband is doing the opposite because he feels he’ll enjoy both the movies and books, which I think is true because I have griped through most of the movies, ha ha.

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