6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Big Hero 6

1. It’s Set in San Fransokyo, Which is Awesome

Big-Hero-6-sanfranSo the movie is set in a futuristic city called San Fransokyo, which is basically exactly what it sounds like. It was so interesting and my biggest complaint about the movie would probably be that we didn’t get to learn more about it! I’d love it if they set more movies in this city, even with different characters!

2. Baymax is the Most Lovable Robot Ever

hariy-babyI mean, seriously, is this not the cutest thing ever? It is. And that’s just some of the lovableness.

3. Awesome, Supportive Friends & Family

BIG HERO 6Hiro goes through a lot in this movie, but everyone in his life, including his brother’s college friends that he barely knows, are super awesome and supportive. A lot of times we MC in a story has to go through everything alone, or with just a significant other, and it was so nice to see the MC was not alone, even when he thought he wanted to be.

4. There is Zero Romance & You Will Not Miss It

I love romance just as much as most anyone else, but it was also kind of refreshing to watch a movie where everyone was just friends and there wasn’t even a hint of romance. The love in this movie is all familial.

5. Girl Power!

bighero6-gogoIn addition to Hiro and Baymax, Big Hero 6 consists of two guys and two girls, with both of the girls and one of the guys being students from the university Hiro’s brother attends and who are incredibly smart. They know about science and are working on awesome projects that ultimately end up as part of the superhero identities.

6. Surprise Cameo!

I don’t want to say too much and spoil the surprise, but if you’re a fan of a certain franchise you’ll definitely appreciate this!

Have you seen Big Hero 6? Why do you think others should watch it?

24 Responses to 6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Big Hero 6

  1. This is one of my favorite movies from last year! This is definitely one of those those movies where parents and other adults will love it as much as the kids. It’s the best argument I’ve seen about why Disney buying Marvel could actually be a really good thing!

  2. I liked it a lot, too. I didn’t know anything about it beforehand so it was such a lovely surprise. (My 9 year old niece wanted to see it. She loved it, too.)

    • I knew very little about it myself; I felt the trailers didn’t reveal much. But I kept hearing the praise and decided to check it out!

  3. For some reason the husband and I are just not sure about this one and have out it off. But everyone says it is food so maybe we are just being dumb grumps…

    • Well, don’t type on your phone and not read it before posting. smh. Yep, everyone says it is food. Makes perfect sense.

      • Ha, what’s really crazy is the first time I totally read it as “good” as you intended instead of food. I can understand your reservations because the same people who told me to watch this were the same people who told me to watch The Lego Movie, which neither I nor my husband cared for. This is definitely in a different league, though, and I wanted to cite specific reasons to give people an idea of what to expect. 🙂

  4. I don’t know why, but despite all the rave reviews, I just haven’t been that interested in this film. I’m not really a fan of animated films to begin with (give me live-action superhero movies any day instead 😉 ), but I do enjoy one or two occasionally, so I honestly don’t know where my reservations come from, lol. But wowww, that picture of San Fransokyo — love the name! — looks uber cool! I want to live there already… xD

    Yeah, I’ve heard that since family plays such a huge role in this show, it’s what makes the emotional level even higher! And I definitely appreciate that there is a bigger and more supporting cast of characters here rather than just the MC going through everything alone/with a love interest, like you said. And YAY for kickass ladies!

    Now you have me curious about this cameo and if I’ll be able to spot it. 😉

    I think you’ve convinced me, Amy! I feel like Big Hero 6 is getting quickly overrated, like Frozen, but it looks like a really interesting and original show, and I know you have fabulous taste in movies, so I’ll trust you for now, hehehe. Great post!

  5. I love how Disney is exploring more relationships other than just romantic ones..sister relationships, brotherly, dealing with loss..powerful stuff!

  6. Wait what what was the surprise cameo? DID I MISS IT NO. I loved Big Hero 6, though I do wish they developed the characters more. I feel like I barely know any of the side characters. I guess it’s understandable since it’s a short movie. STILL GOOD. AND BAYMAX <3

  7. I have not seen this, and I NEARLY rented it from the video store (I still call them this now, even though of course there are no videos but old habits die hard I guess XD) and now I wish I had. It looks so completely adorable, and just GOOD. And I also love watching kiddie movies because they take my back to my childhood days.

    I am definitely renting this the next time!

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