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News broke recently that a new Star Trek show is coming in 2017. Right now I’m more cautious that optimistic, especially considering it’s coming under less than ideal circumstances, as a show on a CBS subscription service. However, the good news is that it is not tied with the Star Trek reboot, and so hopefully this will be a continuation of the timeline we had with the other shows. Hopefully.

So considering all this, I decided to create the dreamcast I would like for the main roles in this new Star Trek show. I only chose actors and actresses, I haven’t figured out all their roles or what alien races would be (because I do think more than one of them should be something other than a human or super-similar-looking alien race (like Trill and Betazoid)), but just the core group of people I would like to see involved. With one exception that will be explained, I tried to pick people that, to my best knowledge, are not currently a cast member on another TV show.


Maggie Q: I do know that I would like to see her as the captain. I think it would help with the diversity of the captains of Star Trek in general, and I also think she would carry the role very well.

BJ Britt: I LOVED him on Agents of SHIELD. I’m still waiting for him to come back on every single week. I would love so much to see him be a cast member on the new Star Trek.

Seamus Dever: Seamus is currently gainfully employed on Castle, and I love his role on there. However, the show is running its course and I think it probably should be over by 2017. So if Seamus gets freed up, I would definitely love to see him on a new Star Trek show.

Alexis Bledel: Of course, Gilmore Girls is returning so I’m not completely sure if this would work, but if it could I would like to see her in Star Trek.

Jesika Nicole: I loved her on Fringe and it’s a shame she hasn’t done much since then. I think she would be great on Star Trek!

Karl Urban: If you’re willing to ignore the fact he’s already Dr. McCoy in the reboot, then so am I. I loved Karl Urban in the new Star Trek, in the TV show Almost Human, and really I just like his acting overall. Let’s hire this man!

And with regular guest appearances by…


Michael Dorn as Worf: As long as Michael Dorn is alive, it isn’t a Star Trek show unless he shows up as Worf (I’ll give Enterprise a pass since as least they were able to get Brent Spiner in). Michael Dorn has been lobbying for a show about Worf as a Captain, so what if he had a show run concurrently, and then made guest appearances onto this show? Imagine the possibilities!

Go forth CBS, and make my dreams happen! And don’t mess Star Trek up. Seriously.

Who would you like to see on a new Star Trek show? 

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  1. I love your cast! (Especially, Karl Urban.) I’ve been hoping for a new Star Trek show so I’d really like this to be good. I only wish it was on actual CBS (or better yet another station because CBS isn’t the greatest). There’s no way I’m going to subscribe to their streaming service for one show. Maybe they’ll change their minds about how they distribute it as the release gets closer. *Crosses fingers.*

    • That would be nice if they changed their minds! Even though I don’t have Netflix now, I’d actually really like to see them do Star Trek on there (because I’m sure I’ll get it before 2017 anyways). But I am really glad it’s not on Fox, since sci-fi shows never last there!

  2. The news of a new Star Trek is so exciting to me – at least for now, there are lots of great possibilities. They can really embrace diversity. And I love that you have that with your cast. I’m not as familiar with some of these actors, but I think that’s best – it’s nice when you go into a new show and fall in love with actors you haven’t seen before. And I absolutely agree with you that they need to bring Worf in! Star Trek always brings in characters from previous series so they must do it!

    • It is nice to come to appreciate actors and actresses you never knew before thanks to Star Trek! I’m sure there are several people out there that I’m not familiar with that would be great for the cast. Here’s hoping they do well with this new show!

  3. Nice list of folk. I honestly don’t know who I’d want to be in the next series. I do want it to have some diversity to it. The previous poster mentioned it. I just hope the stories are up to task. Outside of the Original Series, first seasons tend to suck with the other shows. I do think it’s weird how CBS is releasing it though.

    • CBS owns the rights, but it does still seem a little odd, especially with the subscription service. I saw something on Tumblr about the new Star Trek where someone said, “But if the first season doesn’t suck and isn’t awkward, then is it really real Star Trek?” I thought that was funny, but of course I still want it to be good from the start!

  4. I love thee “don’t mess Star Trek up” bit 🙂

    I like your cast quite a bit. TV has changed so much since the last Star Trek, and there totally needed to be a break there for the franchise, but I’m really curious to see how it will be handled as far as the archtypes go. I like BJ Britt a lot and would love to see him on it. But the character type he played in SHIELD as never (to my knowledge) been a part of the Star Trek universe. Not that as an actor he can’t play anything else, but I haven’t seen him in anything else so it just got me thinking….

    CBS, though, has tons of money and is the only network to really have an independent streaming service. They’re leveraging it to compete with hulu and netflix instead of treating it as a second class thing, so they’re totally going to invest in it. Whether their intentions live up to fans expectations is a whole other question….

    • That’s good to hear that they’re really going to work hard on their streaming service. It is a little annoying though, how many of these services are cropping up! We can’t pay for all of them! Anyhow, hopefully they can live up to our expectations. 🙂

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