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Bookish Wedding Inspiration: The Start of Me and You

I thought it might be fun to try creating themed wedding ideas based off of books, and how the main character’s wedding might look with our modern sensibilities, and thus, Bookish Wedding Inspiration was born! This is my second contemporary to do for Bookish Wedding Inspiration, and I’m so excited to share the plethora of ideas that I came up with Paige and Max’s inevitable wedding after finishing The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord. Feel free to see my fangirling review here.


For this wedding, I wanted to draw upon several favorite things of Max and Paige’s: books and learning, TV shows, and airplanes. I was amazed by some of the creative ways I found other couples incorporate these very same elements into their wedding day! But first, what look would Paige pick for her big day?

Bride and Groom Look

The Dress


Paige strikes me as the type who would go for simple, classic elegance, and I think this Jenny Yoo dress delivers.

The Accessories


Paige likes purple tulips and pastel nail polish, so obviously both would be a part of her big day.

The Groom’s Look


I picture Max going with the traditional black tux look, with some Firefly cufflinks to add that nerdy touch.

The Bridesmaids


To go with Paige’s purple flowers, I decided on this simple but cute purple bridesmaid dress from Jenny Yoo. No doubt her two best girl friends from The Start of Me and You would be by her side, and I’m sure there would be a couple of new friends from college standing up there with her too.



These cute book themed invitations reflect the love Max and Paige have for books.


The Engagement Pictures

Paige and Max would obviously have to do book/library-themed engagement pictures, like so…



Bridal Portraits 




Clearly, Paige would have to pose with a copy of Pride and Prejudice.


…and with an airplane. When I saw this wedding, I almost made the venue for Max and Pagie’s wedding an airplane hangar, but in the end I decided against the actual wedding taking place there, but thought for sure they would find one nearby to take some pictures before or after their nuptials.

Groom Portrait



Isn’t this picture just so Max?

Ceremony & Reception

Ceremony Venue


Instead of the aforementioned airplane hangar idea, I decided to go with an outdoor ceremony, with a paper airplane backdrop like above, along with other fun airplane details, like their programs and send-off.




Reception Details

While the ceremony has plane details, for the reception I see more focus on books and TV shows the couple enjoy together, plus some school-themed additions reflecting their high school romance. I also picture the reception inside.





The Cakes


I thought this cake with book script was beautiful and fitting for the traditional wedding cake. And for the groom’s cake…



Of course.

I hope you enjoyed this latest installment of Bookish Wedding Inspiration! What would you like to see at Paige and Max’s wedding? And did this make anyone want to read or reread the book, because I kind of want to reread it after doing this. 🙂

Mini Reviews: The Contemporary Edition

I have been reading a lot more YA contemporary lately, and wanted to share my thoughts on my four most recent contemporary reads.

The Distance Between Us by Kasie West


I know this will mean nothing to most of you who read through your books much faster than I do, but I read this book in two days. It was just a fun, quick, easy read. It didn’t change my life and I had a couple minor issues with it, but overall I just really enjoyed getting to know Caymen and Xander and watching them interact. It was definitely worth the $1.99 I spent on it!

Rating: 4 stars

Content Advisory: Pretty clean. I don’t recall any language; some kissing.

The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand


Believe it or not, this is probably actually the first really heavy issue book I’ve read, at least in the YA contemporary genre. I was hooked right away with Alexis’ voice as she wrote in a journal provided to her by her therapist, bemoaning the idea of writing out her feelings and comparing it to bleeding out with leeches. But the book definitely gets heavy, with Alexis constantly wishing she could go back and change the night she found out her brother killed himself, trying to deal with her mom and others in her life, and worrying that she is seeing the ghost of her brother. The ending was very emotionally satisfying, and I’m very glad I read this book to gain more insight about the aftermath of a suicide.

Rating: 4 stars (If I gave quarter stars it would be 4.25. I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s just not quite to 4.5, but almost!)

Content Advisory: Moderate language; some kissing.

The Unlikely Hero of Room 13 B by Teresa Toten


I impulsively borrowed this from the library because I knew it focused on characters with OCD, and there are secondary characters in my WIP with OCD. This was a very interesting read for me; there were many things I liked but many I wasn’t crazy about as well. First, despite the fact that he struggles with OCD at a level I doubt I will ever understand, Adam is the most realistic character in this book, aside from maybe his stepmother and neighbor. His dad, therapist, Father Rick, Ben, and the other OCD kids felt real sometimes, and Sweetie and Adam’s mom NEVER felt real. (Sweetie is for real the strangest 5 year old ever. I don’t think a single kid on the planet talks like that.) Sometimes the characters and the dialogue took me out of the book (Adam and some of the kids constantly say stuff like, “That’s superior!” and other things I have just never heard anyone ever say).

Yet the book is quirky and full of humor, and I really did feel empathy for Adam. I enjoyed Robyn too and enjoyed their friendship-turned-relationship. And also yet again, this book was often awkward and hard to read, which I think was part of the point, because these characters are struggling with very real issues and disorders and it does hurt, but the added layer of Adam’s mom’s craziness was sometimes too much for me to bear. The ending was very unsatisfying as there is very little finality, but I know that doesn’t bother everyone, and it doesn’t always bother me, but I didn’t feel I got the full arc from Adam that I wanted, though we do see it going in that direction.

Rating: 3 or 3.5 stars (I really can’t decide.)

Content advisory: Moderate language; some kissing.

The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord


I saved my favorite of the bunch for last. I mean, where do I even begin?! I ADORED Max. I loved him so much at first I couldn’t properly ship him and Paige because I didn’t think Paige deserved him. But when she starts to come around and really understand her feelings towards him, I felt for her and definitely got all aboard their ship! The last chapter was such perfection that I can’t even. I LOVED all the nerdy banter and just about everything really. The friendships were so spot-on!

My only complaint about the book really is at Max’s birthday party when they played Spin the Bottle and I was like, really?, but even the characters knew it was juvenile, and it was what gave Paige the push she needed to confront her feelings.

So seriously, READ THIS. I have never loved a YA contemporary to this degree.

Rating: 5 stars!!! (I borrowed this from the library and then immediately ordered the hardcover from Amazon because I LOVED IT THAT MUCH.)

Content advisory: Sporadic and mostly mild swearing.

Have you read any of these? What are your thoughts?