Dreamcast: Seraphina

Recently I decided to try my hand at dreamcasting a YA book as a possible new feature here on the blog, starting with The Scorpio Races. Due to my love for Seraphina, I decided I wanted to try my hand at dreamcasting it. There are a lot of characters in Seraphina and I feel I barely scratched the surface with my choices, but it’s hard to come up with so many people (and the right people)! But here’s what I did come up with…

Kaya Scodelario as Seraphina – Josh Hutcherson as Kiggs – AnnaSophia Robb as Princess Glisselda

kaya-josh-annasopI don’t feel the need to elaborate on any of these choices. I don’t care if Josh is Peeta; he can totally be Kiggs too. Moving on.

Jeffrey Combs as Orma

jeffrey-combsI’m sorry if you haven’t seen enough Star Trek (specifically Deep Space Nine and Enterprise) to know the awesomeness that is Jeffrey Combs. Here you see normal Jeffrey Combs to the left, and kinda creepy Jeffrey Combs to the right. I’ve just got to say this guy has got the range, the wit, the everything needed to play the often deadpan and ornery Orma. Other, more well-known possibilities I considered for Orma were Gary Oldham and Paul Bettany, both who would be great. But really, I love Jeffrey Combs.

Helena Bonham Cater as Lady Corongi

Helena-Bonham-CarterCrazy lady who (highlight for spoilers) is actually an old man dragon in disguise? Helena’s your woman!

Sam Claflin as Earl of Aspig

sam-clafinNeeds to be creepy to some and charismatic to others? Totally perfect for Finnick!

Michael Caine as Viridius

michael-caineMichael Caine has played Scrooge and Alfred and many personalities in between, so I think he would be fabulous as the well-meaning but often cantankerous Viridius.

There’s so many other characters but I just didn’t know how to cast them! Let me know if you have suggestions! How do you feel about the choices I made? 

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  1. Amy, YOU ARE SO GOOD AT THIS!! Although I don’t think I agree with your choices for Seraphina and Kiggs, actually… everyone else is spot on! Okay, I have to admit that in THAT photo, Peeta looks like a good fit for Kiggs, but generally I pictured him sort of… softer and taller? lol. And for Seraphina… I dunno, I guess I just always thought of her as looking youngish? No wait, I just looked at the photo of the girl you chose, and she’s pretty darn good. Glisselda is PERFECT! Love this, Amy! 🙂

    • Softer and taller… LOL… by softer do you mean bigger? I understand taller though, since Josh is a little bit on the shorter side. I actually thought of Josh while reading, which doesn’t happen very often, but I know we all interpret characters differently. And since you know what Jeffrey Combs is like, I’m glad you seem satisfied with him as Orma!

  2. I haven’t read Seraphina yet, but this sounds like a stellar cast! I can’t wait to know Jeffery Combs better – he seems like an interesting character actor. I’m in season 5 of TNG then next it’s Deep Space Nine! 🙂

  3. Great call on Jeffrey Combs as Orma!! So perfect. I also really like Helena Bonham Carter for Lady Corongi. I’ve been playing with the idea of a dreamcast or two. I think you’ve inspired me to try to find the time this weekend 🙂

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